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  1. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Take another bong hit dude. That cat will materialize again...
  2. death in the mountains

    I'm with Figger8!
  3. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Dan, Like I said previously, I don't post under any aliases. I gave them all away along time ago, and erased the posts reminding me who had them. Since then several have changed hands and I don't even know who is who anymore. I would imagine that it is someone trying to start a cage match. That guy mountainman kind of pissed me off too, but I'm not about to go off half cocked and start laying siege because frankly I don't give a shit. So stop referring to me in the negative because you were in the smoked out 80's army of substandard peaceniks and have a grudge. I've always been cool to you, but now I wonder why.
  4. Adams road conditions?

    If you want to investigate firsthand I would be willing to skin up from where ever the road is not plowed to however far we can get by 2pm. I have to drive back to North Bend same day but an investigative ski would be good. I can meet you somewhere in the Columbia Gorge or Portland Sunday AM or Saturday PM if you want to bivvy out there. Mike Adamson
  5. Mt. Stuart beta?

    I agree. The Tooth is a fine alpine climb characterized by an easy approach, fine alpine rock, and superior position lodged deep in the heart of the alpental valley. Enjoy it while you can before some more holds peel away...
  6. DIRT

    Hey that topout move on Gibsons crack has given many people a moment to pause and think...I love 5.5
  7. Tooth/Denny Peak traverse

    Blasphemer! Ol' Toothy is an enjoyable alpine climb shared by many as their first alpine summit. Everyone should climb the tooth and spray about it. If you really want to stay high in the mountains try the KGB route.
  8. PubClub 6/5

    Hehe. I personally aint going cuz I am tired of the same people and I never had a memory of the driving due to reckless drinking. Plus I think I will be climbing tomorrow evening depending on weather and work..
  9. Juan, I was climbing. Climbing UND skiing.
  10. Dru, we were skiing saturday morning in the pass and came over in the afternoon...sorry we missed you...I told Borbon...I said "I think the temps are a little warm for triple C"...but no one listens to me...what do I know?
  11. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    Your stanky rock shoes...
  12. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    Someone told me once you should never tell unless someone asks.
  13. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    Everyone should be laughing cause we are all gapers at one time or another or ALL the time (in my case ).
  14. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    Then there is the "Johnny come lately" who emails you repeatedly to go climbing. After pulling off a few simple beginner crag climbs, mostly led by someone else, they will self proclaim themselves some sort of guru and begin postulating from a throne they crowned themselves on. People who spend one season climbing crag rock climbs usually develop this attitude. Despite having no obvious talent or personal climbing record to speak of they will act up on chatboards. They will thinly disguise their words in a feeble attempt to raise themselves up. The "Johnny come lately" usually has no idea what they are talking about whatsoever. Gapers, Posers and Chestbeaters typically shun JCL's as upstarts rarely worthy of attention. Especially when they start acting up...
  15. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    Bronco- I saw that same guy you were talking about. He even went climbing with us...we both gaped at Mara and Kim's and B's talent(s)...hope you had fun scratching about on some rocks...
  16. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    Hey GaperTimmay...I noticed you are at '420' posts...
  17. Pearly Gates

    Oh OH...I should wear my flame retardant Nomex power tights...why didn't you say so?
  18. Pearly Gates

    And machete pouch with trundle crowbar attachment!
  19. Pearly Gates

    With the Prana pants anyone can send. The label said so!
  20. Pearly Gates

    YEAH! Loose rock and trundling? Wack a mole style or green frog families in cracks? Can I wear my Prana Onsite pants to your new crag?
  21. Pearly Gates

    Probably not. I believe that Viktor, et al, are holding out on free available topos until a newly published guidebook effort. http://www.climbingwashington.com/routeinfo/pearly.htm
  22. Bend BBQKlub Report

    When will we show up there? When the *real* mountains and crags fall into the sea...or turn to dust...
  23. Liberty Ridge 24th-26th

    Hell...sport climbing at Fossil Rock sounds good compared to that...
  24. just heard on the slopes.....

    One day at Mt Baker when I was trying to learn to ski, I came rocketing down some hardpack into the deep crud. Crud wasn't in my quiver of skiiable conditons yet. So, with my blaring lack of prowess I instantly began flailing beyond all description trying deperately to stay upright. I was thrashing so efficiently I stayed up until just below the chairlift where I cratered over head first backwards into a deep drift. As I came sputtering to the surface I was greeted loudly from the chair above with "Hey! You're pretty good!". Whenever I see people crash below the chairlift I now make a point to give them the same love that was given to me on that day. I say pass it on...you'd be amazed at what a little critisism will do for your motivation... Later that day I fell and slid all the way down North Face and almost over those cliffs...but's that's another story
  25. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    A true gaper would know them all by heart anyway...