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  1. al

    yard sale

    I've been asked by a former climbing partner to help dispose of his gear. Unfortunately, due to illness, he can no longer use this gear. Since the list is long I've enclosed the attached file. Briefly though, it contains ice tools, randonee skis, packs, and misc. mountaineering and climbing gear. Some prices are attached and package deals are preferred. Phone number to call for questions or to make an appointment is 425 392 6225. When calling ask for Diane, or leave message with name and number. 378736-JohnBrace gear.doc
  2. OK guys, help me out. I drew a topo for Fred, typed up some notes, and told him I'll snail-mail it to his house. This is the mailing address he gave me : iF YOU MAIL IT MY ADDRESS IS 6402-L08TH AVENUE sOUTHEAST; nEWCASTLE, wa 98056 Now, is that 108th Ave? Anybody?
  3. Re : the original thread Fred, check your PM
  4. Anybody know about that rescue the second-to-last guy was involved in here in the Cascades?
  5. MattP, Is the third pitch of Tidbits still "old" as the topo says? Seems like I remember good hangers on that section, but maybe it's just me that's old.
  6. al

    Pearly Gates

    Is there an online topo for the Pearly Gates above Icicle Creek? I know a topo exists 'cause I saw it Sunday, but I can't find it on any web site.
  7. The bolts are there, or take the easy slab to the left of route and rack some cams.
  8. Dave, we had the place(Power Line Wall) to ourselves, although I did see climbers around the parking lot. Lots of sunshine helped salvage the day, and no dogs either.
  9. We must have just missed you, Dave. We got up to the snow around 11am, just as it started to drizzle. Before the rock got wet noticed that some of the routes had water slicks on various pitches, but many pitches looked good past the first thirty feet or so. After waiting till 1pm we gave up and went to Erie instead. I would recommend mountain boots for kick stepping the final portion of the trail to the base of the rock.
  10. Beal's Stinger, at 9.4mm is the lightest advertized single I'm familiar with. My alpine rope is a Beal Booster, 9.7mmX50M, at 62g/Meter and impact force of 680 daN. Forget the 6mm. I went that route before and spent 30 minutes untangling it after the first throw. It'll tangle like fishing line. My extra/rap rope is a Beal 8.1X50M Iceline. Light weight for the second to carry, yet good enough for a third to come up on.
  11. "I want to shoot these beasts off the crags... Should have just blown them away. we gotta take em out. kill kill kill" Sounds like a script from every bad movie I've ever seen. I say, bring back the wolves. I'd hate to be mistaken by a goat when I turn grey.
  12. al


    I think Matt's right on. I have the opposite problem as you, brought on by climbing at places like Vantage. So I'm committed this year to stuffing my hands/fingers into cracks of all kinds. I just have to drive to those places. Sounds like you were raised on Sierra granite, where cracks abound and a trad route meant cracks. I miss that kind of rock.
  13. al


    That was so bad it crashed on me.
  14. I recently bought a pair of Stubai Torols from Pro Mountain with the universal binding. They also come with the "pro binding" for your new-matic needs. They have some really aggressive fronts and secondarys, and at $100, the price is right. I've only used them on water ice so far, but its not what I bought them for. I just wanted a good crampon for my leathers for alpine use.
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