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  1. climbing season

    Now that I know August/September are good, I can start planning. Before that I will be in the good old Sierras down here. What peaks am I climbing...good q, frankly I do not even know where to begin. Like everyone I would want to do only the most scenic & fun ones given the short time I will have. Wondering if I should post again asking on that. I primarily scramble upto class 4 with rock & a limited amount of ice.
  2. climbing season

    I live in California, & I want to come up sometime to the Cascades or the Olympics to climb. I am into non technical mountaineering upto exposed class 3 rock & maybe class 4. Snow/ice climbing are not my strong points either(though small sections of the route involving that is alright). So I guess the best word to describe is scrambling. Given that, I would like to know what period of time in summer would be the best to do that