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  1. Hello, I have free weekdays to climb until mid of july, looking for partners especially in the olympia area who want to go to north bend or lake cushman in a day or maybe short trips to leavenworth or vantage, I am leading trad up to 5.9 and sport up to 5.10, and I have a single rack with some doubles, send me a message if interested
  2. Trip: Guye Peak - South Gully Trip Date: 02/20/2020 Trip Report: I climbed the south gully of Guye Peak this thursday, the first half of the route was in good conditions up to a steep rock wall covered with soft snow, I turned to the right out of the gully and climbed straight up in a lot of powder snow for the rest of the climb. Snowshoes highly recommended for the approach. Gear Notes: 2 ice axes Approach Notes: Snowshoes
  3. Ok deal, let me know when you are in the area
  4. Hello, I am in Tenino, close to Olympia, and looking for partners too, I have considerable experience in rock, ice and alpine skiing but not much in back country skiing yet, I go to the rock gym in Lacey often, let me know if you are interested.
  5. Hello, I just moved from Spain, and I am looking for partners to climb in the Olympia area, I do have experience in alpine up to 5.9 in Spain and trad up to 5.8 in MA, but very few climbs in this area, I can take days off during the week, I would be interested in climbing Mount Rainier too this August, if anyone interested let me know.
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