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  1. Vantage Sketchiness?

    Thanks. More accurately I mean a ticket for not having a pass displayed?
  2. Vantage Sketchiness?

    Does anyone know if one could get a ticket for parking on the side of the road opposite the Discover Pass signage?
  3. [TR] Squamish - Various 8/9/2012

    Hey, it was great meeting you guys. Hope to see you out there again! Bobby and Angela (behind you on Rock On and Papoose)
  4. Does anybody have any route info for the Chunkyard?
  5. Infinite Bliss Topo - not a rant

    A bolt protected Non-sport climb Dawg.
  6. Sony camera case and memory card

    Found on the trail up to Puzzle Palace, Tumwater Canyon. Edit to add, about a month ago but the case has seen some weather..
  7. [TR] Goose Egg - Commandho Pillar 7/24/2011

    Awesome! What a great location.
  8. People's favorite 5.12 climbs

    Rad, I think the Nevermind climb you mentioned is called Under Arrest. I dig it.
  9. [TR] Juno Tower - Clean Break 6/11/2011

    The Honey Badger don't give a fuck!
  10. The bear sign thread

    This post makes me wonder, how many climbers are toting bear spray?
  11. Black Velvet Canyon

    I appreciate the responses.
  12. Black Velvet Canyon

    Has anyone driven a car to the BV canyon trailhead? I'm debating between renting an economy car (with insurance) or an SUV. Thanks.
  13. Thin ropes- tag lines?

    5 mil
  14. Huge climbing falls

    Ha ha! Could be.