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  1. I have a pair of First Generation BD Cobra Ice tools (hammer and adze) I am parting with and and a pair of Camp 12-point Step-In Crampons. Ice tools come with almost new picks, leashes, and head tool. Crampons are in great shape and hardly used. Ice Tools: $250.00 'Pons: $100.00 PICS TO FOLLOW Thanks, Yak
  2. I have Two (2) Suunto Ambit Watches I am looking to part with. One is a Ambit 2 with many accessories and the other is an Ambit 3 with HR strap and charging cord (in box). Ambit 2- This is a great watch that served me for a long time, I upgraded to an Ambit 3 after about 3 years of use in many disciplines. This watch comes with the following: Ambit 2 Watch 2 Chest Straps Charging Cord Extra Watch Band Ambit 3- Another great watch that served me well for a long time. I have found that my fitness and GPS tracking needs have changed, so it's time to pass this on to someone else. The Ambit 3 comes with: Ambit 3 Watch in Neon Green Chest Strap Charging Cord Original Box Instruction Booklet Prices: Ambit 2 $120.00 obo Ambit 3: $200.00 obo I will upload pics tonight when I get home from work
  3. Went up and TR'd Clear Creek Falls on the White Pass corridor. Solid ice, but a bit chandeliered and overhanging in places. Saw evidence that another party had been up there.
  4. So I did it! 22 years since the first time I climbed my first Cascade Volcano, I did it again! I went full-circle and climbed Adams again to see how my hip felt..... It felt great!! As far as I can tell, my rehab is going great and it's game-on! THanks all for the support and see you out there!! Yak
  5. I've assisted people in selecting a PLB..... THe ACR is by far the best, it uses the maritime/military system. The Spot is finicky at best..... It's great if you want to update people how your trip is doing, but your "emergency" goes thru a third party and they are sitting in a cubicle. As far as the InReach, I have no experience with that unit.
  6. So, I am a full year since my surgery. This coming weekend, I am going full-circle: my buddy and I are headed up to Adams to give the south side a go. I know it's nothing glorious, but it'll be my first real "climb" since my surgery. Wish me luck and if anybody sees me up there, say hi!! Yak
  7. Gonna say +1 to both the South Side of Hood and Adams.... But my personal preference is to not Glissade (I have hip issues that prevent me). I did Lassen a few years back and I was a great solo trip..... It's just a trail to the top. Look at the Sisters, Broken Top, and St. Helens as well.
  8. I'm not shooting down guide services, they do a great job and provide a great service to their clients. If you are looking to go up with a few friends and have a great amount of experience between you, I recommend that you do the WB on your own. It allows for a greater "experience" (if that can really qualify on the Butt). I've done trips both with a guide service and alone.... heck, I even lead trips myself many moons ago. Don't rule out a self-guided trip on Denali....... if you have the experience.
  9. Ok, so it's been a bit since I did an update on how my hip's doing..... I guess it's time. Over the past few weeks, I have gone from walking my dogs around the park to jogging with them to hiking 5+ miles with weight on my back. Just this past weekend, I ran 5K and then did a 30mile bike ride to one of our local wineries. Everything is feeling awesome! I still have occasional soft-tissue soreness the day following a big excursion or after many days of use, but I'm progressing! I have started to plan my first "climbs" for the end of the summer and can't wait to get out and crush it! Hope everybody is well and enjoying their spring! Yak
  10. I've got a pair of Summit Ski Boards that are mounted with Silvretta Touring bindings. They work pretty well, but nothing is as good as a set of AT skis.......
  11. +1 for Memorial Day Weekend. The camps were established and the weather was pretty good.
  12. Thanks all for the support! I have been on my snowboard a few times and been increasing my hiking distance over the past few months....... This weekend will be my first foray on my skis, wish me luck!! Have a great week all! Yak
  13. I have a pair of Shiva ski boots for sale. They don't have the tech soles as of yet, but they are an inexpensive purchase if u want to use tech bindings. They are 26.0/26.5 and have only been used a handful of times. There is a link to the craigslist posting below. http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/spo/5406966458.html
  14. Hey all! These things actually work. I have a pair of older SnowBlades and they rip for quick decents....... Give the man a chance!!
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