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  1. Bump This thing is in perfect condition! Brand new rain fly!
  2. I have a BD Squall that could be yours for the low price of $250. This is a great deal when you consider that it retails for $600 and that this particular tent has a brand new rain fly. I used it as a basecamp tent for 3 weeks in the AK range, it is in great condition and I'm only selling it because I need to pay rent. It's bombproof in bad weather and very spacious! Again, $250 plus shipping, or if you are in Montana we can just meet up.
  3. I wouldn't be too bummed about ice conditions out here, and certainly wouldn't cancel a trip if you already had it planned. Over the last 3 days I have climbed the Scepter, Mummy II, The Matrix, Responsible Family Man, and the Dribbles. All were in great condition. Over by Emerald Lake Sleight of Hand, High Fidelity, and Comet/Asteroid are all in. Flanders: Champagne Sherb/Slot and High Crimes are in, looked like Killer Pillar was very close to touching about 5 days ago. Main Fork: All the climbs mentioned above, plus G1 and 2, Hangover, Greensleeves, Twin Falls, Elevator Shaft, the Thrill, drytool routes on the Unnamed Wall, Feeding the Cat, Climb Above Dribbles... all are in. Looks like things are going to stay warm for a few days but overall ice season is in full swing over here!
  4. Thanks guys, I'll get in touch with them.
  5. Does anyone know anything about an accident on Acid Baby recently? We found a ton of gear up there and heard that someone pulled off a big flake and got hurt, so if that was you or someone you know, PM me and I'll get the gear back to you. It's kind of a lot of stuff...
  6. Hey, if you had an accident on Acid Baby and left a whole bunch of gear up there, PM me with the description and quantity of what was lost, and I'll get it back to you. Sam
  7. Getting rid of some old aztars. They are well used but still in good condition. The picks are still going strong. They have BD Android clippable leashes. A great lightweight alpine tool that climbs steep ice pretty well too! Pics on request, $200 obo. PM me. I will probably prioritize selling to someone in the Seattle area but if you pay shipping I will send them out.
  8. SWH


    On Olympus you should be less worried about scree and more worried about the trail being covered with snow from Elk Lake up to Glacier Meadows. There are some avalanche chutes to cross which kind of suck ass when filled with snow. That being said, it's not anything you won't be able to deal with, just might slow you down and be kind of annoying. I would say just go do it whenever, it might be kind of unpleasant but it won't shut you down. Oh, and I haven't been "back home" for a few months, but I hear that as of now snowpack is above average. The next few months will obviously matter. The park service has a trail conditions page that actually isn't terrible (surprise!), so once they start updating, probably around early June, you should be able to get a better idea of whats going on up there in terms of snow on the trail.
  9. Hey, I think I ran into you guys at Switchback Falls at the end of Saturday. Looks like a productive trip, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM or something if you head out here again. Sam
  10. For those doing the Sherpa Pass descent later in the day: pons/axe will make your life a lot easier, as of 9/2 there is still snow that is kind of annoying to get around when it gets icy. Otherwise it's pretty fast.
  11. Hello all, I'll be in the Valley through the month of October and would love to find a wall partner for one or more grade V or VI climbs during that time. I've climbed El Cap once before (Nose) and was hoping to get on it again, but I would really be up for any wall, A1 to A3. PM would be fine, it would be great to meet up at Index to get to know each other before heading to the ditch. Thanks! Sam
  12. Totally badass. Great photos. That Sheer Lunacy/MLB linkup sounds like a blast, and then Rainbow Wall and NIAD... sweet!
  13. Miraculous recovery! Fred is one stubborn guy - it's back on, but this time at 6 PM. Sorry for the confusion.
  14. Fred has some health issues and had to cancel. Sorry if anyone made plans.
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