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  1. Timberline Trial in June

    i would wait until early/mid july i hiked through in early august on the pct once and there was still significant snowpack
  2. Mount Hood -- last day of 2010.

    i thought for sure i would see some trip reports, summited on sunday morning, all around excellent conditions, low temps w/ winds 0-10mph variable snow & ice around 9k, variable snow from unconsolidated to firm wind blown snow with little/no ice above 10k, excellent solid, climbable rime, which may be gone after the weather system looked like some unstable snow on WCR
  3. What Car do you drive?

    scion xa/xb/xd of all years are a bit smaller and lower ground clearance than the matrix but would still haul a lot of crap
  4. What Car do you drive?

    you might look into a toyota matrix, they offer it in awd as well, the awd system is not nearly as good as subarus but should give you very reasonable traction
  5. Ice Stoke Thread 2010

    should anything be in, in washington around sunday-tues? or should i head up to banff?
  6. Mt. Hood over Thanksgiving

    i doubt hood will have reasonable conditions for quite some time, its been dumping snow, over a layer of already unconsolidated snow, i imagine youll be postholing all the way up
  7. summitchaser is the biggest troll on the board
  8. The Best or Oregon

    i think there is some climbing on around marys peak but just a roadside blasted out cliff
  9. anything else on sale there or just the jacket?
  10. im debating on whether i will be taking a my double boots, i would much rather have something lighter that would be easier to work with on technical stuff, can i get away with a single boot considering most the climbs there dont have too much of an approach? thinking of la sportiva nepals, kayland m11+ or hypertraction, scarpa mont blanc
  11. thanks for the advice everyone, looks like i will end up taking my invernos or maybe getting a lighter double
  12. St. Helens True Summit Elevation Gain ?

    i actually have taken a gps and watched the amount of gain/loss on the traverse and it has amounted to 80 feet however, my gps shows climbers bivouac parking lot @ 3,820 ft, making the total elevation gained exactly the same... in addition to that, there is a margin of error +- 50 feet note: none of the above actually happened
  13. Had a change of trip plans to somewhere warmer, dont need this stuff anymore Scarpa invernos w/ high altitude liner 10.5 US, would like to sell for $175/offer, have about 3 climbs on them on snow only, has some scuffs and worn paint but otherwise excellent condition North face himalayan Parka size medium has been worn a for a few climbs for a short period, pretty much new... no holes or rips, $280/offer... this coat is similar to an absolute zero parka prefer local pickup in PDX, would be willing to drive a little ways, otherwise buyer pays shipping http://www.backcountry.com/the-north-face-himalayan-down-parka-mens http://www.rei.com/product/780182
  14. Mount Hood Summit Temps

  15. Best time for Big Trip North Cascades

    too many bugs in early season
  16. [TR] Mount Hood SS 09-04-2010

    isnt the hood summit relatively flat?
  17. Shasta west face gully. Ropes needed?

    the steepest part is around 10k feet, prob 40-45 degrees iirc, if someone in your party isnt comfortable with the grade there is an alternate route you can take to the climbers right to that isnt as bad, the rest of the route past that is pretty moderate... if you have a first time snow climber in your party i would take a rope, otherwise no
  18. grivel g12 extender bars

    if you have the automatic crampons you can move the front bail to the next notch backwards, otherwise you are out of luck all the extender bars do is allow for a larger boot to fit
  19. WTF! Climber falls on St Helens!

    hoping he gets out alright, with what the weather looks like tomorrow he might be there another day before a heli can get to him
  20. Mt. Hood

    i may be up there this weekend, avalanche forecast isnt looking too hot right now, though
  21. WTB: Aluminum Crampons