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  1. Trip: Mount St Helens - Worm flows Date: 5/3/2015 Trip Report: Beautiful day, gorgeous weather, great climb. Check the video for how little snow there is left [video:vimeo]127098061
  2. [TR] South Sister - South spur 7/7/2012

    Thanks for the report and the photos. Good to know how much snow to expect. Going up there this upcoming Saturday. What about mosquitoes this time of the year ? Have you encountered any on the trail in the lower elevation ?
  3. [TR] Mount Hood SS 09-04-2010

    Water, the reason I posted here is to report the current conditions of the route for other people interested in trying to do an off season climb. Please Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged. Thanks everyone else for a good feedback.
  4. [TR] Mount Hood SS 09-04-2010

    Yeah, we knew it was not the real summit but we were quite happy with the false one too :-) We were in a hurry to get down before it gets too warm and it paid off well, there was no rockfall at all that early.
  5. [TR] Mount Hood SS 09-04-2010

    Climbed south side, started at 1:30 AM from the parking lot, reached summit by 8 AM, gorgeous weather, conditions good, no rockfall. Equipment: crampons, ice axe, rope More photos Photos on Picasa public album
  6. Hood Conditions

    conditions are good, had an easy climb to the summit last Saturday (09-04-2010) http://picasaweb.google.com/dan.martinek/MountHoodClimb?feat=directlink