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  1. Todd, Hey man, thanks a ton for the beta. Definitely confirms what I was assuming, I just love the shred and would ski it if I could Would love to do it as a ski traverse another time though. I hope your trip was rad. I have heard great things about it, and we will be incorporating some alpine climbs into it as well. Should be sick!
  2. Sweet, thanks for the info guys. Also, I was assuming that the trip in its entirety would be more efficient without skis, specifically since if we are planning to climb multiple peaks, but would you recommend them or not? Trip planned August 4-7.
  3. Hi everyone, Does anyone have an RECENT beta on the exit from Spire Point on the Ptarmigan Traverse (Heading North to South)? I have read reports of people taking Bachelor Creek Trail (Not listed on most maps) to meet with the Downey Creek Trail (768), but would not be surprised in the least if it was completely overgrown. Otherwise, has anyone descended into Downey Creek over the pass from the White Rock Lakes area? I know it can be quite thick up here and would rather save the annoyance of brushwacking through several miles of dense forrest cover. Thanks!
  4. Any interest in doing it June 20th or 21st? Wanna ski it?
  5. Looking for someone to tour up to Illumination Rock and take some laps on Zigzag Glacier, or skin up White River Canyon tomorrow. I'd like to get at least 5000 vertical feet in. Let me know if your interested. 208 921 5774 Marshall
  6. Hello! My name is Marshall. 32 year old male and residing in Portland, OR. Since I am fairly new to the NW, I am hoping to make some connections for some backcountry skiing/splitboarding/mountaineering partners for this winter. I have a pretty open schedule. I work 6 days on and 8 days off per pay period, so I have a decent amount of free time. I also have a pass to Crystal Mountain and will be basing a lot of my shred out of there this winter. I'm fairly fit (I can generally backpack 40 miles a day on multiday trips) and have been snowboarding for over 10 years. I am still pretty new to alpine climbing but have done several non-technical climbs, both while shredding and just for climbing (E.g. I have summited Hood three times and Adams three times), and have climbed multiple non-technical peaks in the midst of several multiday backpacking trips. Definitely wanting to up my game and develop more technical skills though! I have most gear one would need or can obtain any extra gear as needed. Anyways, drop me a line, or give me a text/call and lets see if we can get out for some climbing/shredding this winter! Also, if anyone knows any good ski/splitboard specific forums that would be a good place to link up with partners I'm all ears (208) 921-5774 Marshall
  7. Trip: Mt. Hood - South Summit/Shred Date: 10/22/2016 Trip Report: Hi ya'll, Just throwing out a few notes about Hood. It was cold this last week and Saturday was a perfect day to get out. Snow is good. The final approach to the summit is snow covered with a little ice at the top 40 feet. Some wind-scoured ice-crust patches from Hogback to Palmer but plenty of good snow to charge through! Unfortunately I wasn't able to upload all the pics because the files were too large but here are a few. From the summit looking down
  8. I figured I would hit you up as you mentioned your AT setup My name is Marshall, I am a 32 year old male. I am a fairly new climber yet I have climbed several non-technical routes. I do a ton of backpacking (I can generally go about 40 miles a day) and a ton of snowboarding/splitboarding (I will be shredding Crystal most of the season). I actually live in Portland because of work (I am a trauma nurse at a trauma center) but spend my free time in the WA mountains. Anyways, let me know if you think we'd be compatible. Call or text any time, 208-921-5774 Marshall
  9. Hello, my name is Marshall Baxter and I am based in Portland, OR. I am replying to this post as I am a similar schedule in which I work 6 days on, and 8 days off per pay period, so I have a lot of time. I am not an experienced climber but my stoke factor is high and I am a quick learner. I have done a lot of non-technical climbs and I do a lot of backpacking (generally can go 40 miles a day) and a lot of snowboarding/splitboarding too (Will be shredding Crystal a lot this winter). Anyways, I spend a lot of my off time up in WA and would be down to talk to see if we'd be compatible. Hit me up text or call anytime. 208-921-5774 Marshall
  10. Hello, I am looking for an experienced group to climb Mt. Rainier with. I would prefer to go up with someone who has done it before. I should be able to supply all of my own gear and am willing to even pay a small fee if the group I am going with is solid. A bit about myself. I am a 27 year old male nursing student at Oregon Health and Science University. I am in pretty good shape as I run triathlons and stay very active through a variety of other sports as well. I have climbed Hood and Adams but am fairly new to climbing. I have a physical endurance to hold my own but lack the technical skills for bigger climbs like Rainier. I can easily follow directions and will work well within a group. I am not a freeloader, I will make sure to be a hard-worker and contributing member for the group. I have also taken my EMT-Basic training. If possible I would like to pack my snowboard and shred down. If not, thats okay too, but getting on my snowboard is always a plus Please let me know. I am taking summer school classes but my availably is pretty flexible. Please e-mail me at Marshalltbaxter@gmail.com so we can discuss and plan a trip. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I am looking for an experienced group, who has done it before, to go up with. I am in pretty good shape and would would supply all of my own gear. I would even pay a small fee if it was a strong group. Let me know. Marshalltbaxter@gmail.com
  12. Yo man, tried to email you, didnt work tho. I have finals too next week but we're gonna climb on Saturday. Its suppose to be perfect, gimme a call if you wanna discuss details. Marshall (503) 867 7139
  13. If your looking for a climbing partner sometime between June 2nd and June 13th let me know. Marshall (503) 867- 7139
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