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  1. idea Cable bindings for Mountaineering Boots

    For skiing steep terrain, a good AT set up is unbeatable. AT boots climb ice and snowy rock pretty darn well to. I guess I was looking more to bring mountaineering boots to nordic backcountry skis. I'll probably end up keeping the silvrettas as they aren't the limiting factor in my skiing (Hint: I'm the limiting factor!) but they are clunky and heavy. A cable binding seems like a nice way to knock off a bit of weight. I totally get that this is a super small niche and kind of dumb... I guess @montypiton I was wondering if anyone had made a "beartrap" style binding with a wire bail in the front instead of straps? Thanks for all the responses too!
  2. I know the silvretta/mountaineering boot skiing question gets asked from time to time. I know from personal experience that fixed heel skiing in mountaineering boots is horrifying. Mountaineering boots are soft enough than if your weight moves backwards, your ankles bend backwards and down you go. Its a workable concept for touring gentle terrain and I would argue still better than postholing or snow-shoeing. I was curious if anyone has experimented with making binding similar to Telemark or 3pin cable bindings for mountaineering boots? I'm imagining a wire bail similar to the silvrettas grafted in the place of the telemark toe. The benefits I'm imagining are the efficiency and touring capabilities of a 3pin or tele set up and I'm inclined to think that I could ski steeper slopes free heeled than fixed heeled with Mountaineering boots. Thoughts? Comments?