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  1. threesome is not my thing, unless its 2 guys involved wouldn't be that bad watching it, though, when both actresses involved in the movie were kind of hot.
  2. yea, but don't you think that would have made sense? To distract the king from his anger and therefore, if not prevent, at least postpone the deaths?
  3. Ummmmm....amazingly, I was foolish enough to go into that "Boleyn" movie under the impression that there was going to be a hot steamy threesome between that king dude and the two sisters. So I started the movie with high expectations. So I waited, and I kept waiting, and...I kept ..waiting. "Ah, the suspense is only building, they're bound to..eventually", I reassured myself. I mean the movie storyline was already scandalous enough as it is, so I figured why the hell not go all the way? So I waited some more. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed, after having to endure that boredom for the entire length of a film with false hopes. Seriously, I honestly thought it was going to happen. wtf??? Did they forget to put that scene in??? I feel cheated
  4. THE RETURN OF RETRO!!!!!!!!!!!! http://darasius.blogspot.com/
  5. Ha! I love how this forum went from (19-20) regularly viewing to near zero (3 or so) because of my absence and lack of recent contribution... I rule.
  6. I love how this is a self-perpetuating thread with no direction or purpose. It has taken a life of its own on a whole different level and dimension. Any original purpose to it has been long lost.
  7. Why are these forum things so fucking addicting???? Never in my life have I ever posted in one, and now I understand that it may have been best to have stayed away.
  8. I think I'm going to update my blog just for you guys Group hug?
  9. I wonder what peoples reactions would be if they actually met me... I think I would have to start running, and fast.
  10. Quick!! Everyone start posting random shit!
  11. i love your little end of the post declaritives. you go ahead and be happy that you're flat chested. yep, go right on and enjoy that Give it a few years and I'll have my revenge. Based on my genetics, I should be wearing a double D No joke
  12. minx, bras are uncomfortable as hell end of story
  13. by the way.... I've been left here alone in this 3 bedroom apartment in which I am currently living in. My brother abandoned me, and headed off to Mammoth for the weekend. Any crazy psychos want to stalk me down? I'm hooommmee allloooone defennselesssssss vulneraaaablleee sexxxy littttllee virginnnn Come get me
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