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  1. Trip: Cody, Cooke City - Date: 2/11/2016 Trip Report: Topher and I just got back from 2 weeks in Montana and Wyoming, With the best of it spent in Cody and Cooke City. We started out in Hyalite with everything in fat shape. We moved on to take on the likes of Ovisight, Moonrise, The HydroMonster and many more. An awesome trip, even more than we had hoped for. Hyalite was packed, but only a couple of climbers in Cody, and none at all in Cooke City. With such good conditions I can't understand why.
  2. Anyone interested in climbing in Cooke City in the next couple of weeks?
  3. I'm still on the the lookout for potential partners for a couple of weeks climbing in Montana and Wyoming, end of Jan into Feb yippieway@gmail.com
  4. Went back up to Rainier this weekend, to Nisqually Belle. Put up 2 WI4 lines on the left side of it on Saturday and a WI5 line up the middle today. It sits in the full sun until early afternoon and left me soaked to the bone from head to foot. It's getting a little sugary on the surface in the morning but it's wicked fat and still growing. The climbs in Mikeys look very ify from the road. Almost nothing on Narada.
  5. Next Adventure is selling off all their hard shell boots from their rental stock Buddy of mine just got a pair of Scarpa Inferno's in real good shape for $40
  6. Nisqually Belle in WI5 shape yesterday It was awesome
  7. Just get the cheapest plastic sled there is. Type of thing you would get for your kids. Cheap, light, slides easy, durable enough for 10 days. Whoever fly's you in will probably have a pile of them laying around, give them a call.
  8. I intend to spend a couple of weeks in Montana and Wyoming from Jan 25th and I’m looking for climbers to hook up with. My regular climbing partner is not able to commit to any of this time. I’d like to get to Cooke City and the East Rosebud. I could spend a whole week in Cody. There’s a couple of climbs in Hyalite I’d like to have a shot at. I know that sounds like a lot of driving around, but, if your interested in all or some of this then please let me know Peter yippieway@gmail.com
  9. I have the last week in January and the first week in February off work. I’m looking to spend that time in Montana and Wyoming. I have a number of select climbs in mind that I would like to do, most in the WI4 WI5 range. There are only a couple of them in Hyalite but that seem like a reasonable place to start, I could be there by Monday Jan 25th. From there, the amount of snow fall in Montana may determine if some of the others are safe or accessible. Id like to end in Cody, but I’m open to going wherever the climbing is best or a partner is available. Drop me a line if you’re interested. yippieway@gmail.com
  10. Yeman and I where ice climbing on the cliffs above the Eliot Glacier on Mt Hood yesterday There is a whole host of lines to be climbed there right now We weren't the only ones up there
  11. There are huge masses of selfish and ignorant people in all walks of life, not just in the national parks. We all deal with them.
  12. National park rangers are federal employees. I’m convinced that the federal government has a breeding program where they turn out people of a very basic and identical genetic code. When they reach a certain age they are programed with a particular skill set ( a sense of humor is never included in this ) and they are put into that position. From there they live out the rest of their lives ( somewhat like machines ) completely unable to see life from any other perspective. So don’t feel too bad for them they really don’t have any other choice.
  13. Let's go ice climbing in the winter Way too late for Liberty Ridge now
  14. How much of a curve is too much? I remenber when the first bend axes became available. Climbers where looking at them like WHAT that's too radical man. Is the Ergo just the next step, or has it gone too far?
  15. Anyone out there have a set of Petzl Ergo's Im keen to know what you think of them.
  16. Just got back to Portland from 6 days straight in Hyalite. The warm weather bleached things out a bit but most climbs are still in OK shape
  17. Got the last week in Feb off work. Looin to climb ice where ever it is, BC, Montana, Wyoming, Im in Drop me a line
  18. Try Gravsports-ice for a climbing partner in Canmore / Banff area
  19. I'll get the first week in Feb off work, my regular climbing partner will not. Feb 1 through 9 looking the climb non stop, where ever the ice is. Lillooet to Cody, I'm open.
  20. Good Work The more testing of ice anchors the better, no matter how it is performed. I find it encouraging that someone would spend the time, money and effort to bring us this information.
  21. Better enjoy the gorge this week, doesn't look like it will last Yeman and I and 2 other teams climbed Crown Jewel today. Left side is in good shape.
  22. Yes. Very cool It takes me back. I first climbed Denali in 1991, then again in 96 and 97. Then I had kids and that put a stop to all that silliness. Now I'm stuck to climbing Rainier a couple of time a year. It is always interesting to see film of mountaineering when mountaineers where REAL mountaineers.
  23. Took my Camp Awax to Canada for 9 days a couple of weeks ago and they had a blast too
  24. Yes, a quick and easy way to change out from mono to duel point is a good idea. I usually climb with mono's but some ice conditions are better with duel's. I've hiked for hours to get to a climb only to find I'd have been better off with duel's
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