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  1. Banks lake ice this weekend

    I also want to get in there while it's HOT!. i mean COLD.!!! I'm In.
  2. looking to climb Dirty Sanchez or ride the lightning this weekend and looking for a partner.. i'll be camping at lavapoint this weekend. Campgrounds still not open as of 5/8 .. but plenty of camping to be found. amazing weather last weekend.. this weekend should be good to.
  3. Been climbing and camping at Tieton last 2 weekends. Campgrounds are not open but plenty of primitive camping and campers along the river. also noticed some were just parking near the closed gate of windypoint campground, and walking their stuff in. I should be out there again Sunday.
  4. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    scoped out Leavenworth yesterday, most ice still looking pretty good considering Its mid March in WA. Hubba Hubba looks good from the road, slopes above look a bit loaded, so we went to Millennium / Snow creek Wall . Crazy ice climbing in sun in WA in March, but I'll take it. Ice should still be good next week, possibly the following depending on temps.
  5. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    thought i was done with ice for the season, but with monties lattes report of Leavenworth, think I'll check out Millenium/Snow-Creek-Wall this Sunday, and report back. Avy condition looks to remain high through the weekend for all of WA so avoiding avy prone climbs. Any other suggestion where i could finding WI3+/4 in Leavenworth this weekend?
  6. I just singed up for the Intermediate & fast alpine clinics.. so i guess I'm going. Hope to run into you and climb!
  7. Anyone been to the small but growing Valdez ice climbing festival? any first hand opinions? Thinking of jaunting up there in February, for the festival and possible alpine objective.
  8. Torment-Forbidden in Winter

    Maybe get one of these puppies ? sorry no help here, just wish i had a snow bike.
  9. Winter camping near Lillooet?

    Hey i'll be up for a roadtrip to Lillooet from Seattle... and climbing of course. I'm planning on living out of Bozeman, Dec-Jan..maybe Feb if lucky, and climbing Hyalite most weekends.. Familiar with the area and will be looking for partners as well. shit, time to get in shape... drenewemail@gmail.com
  10. Si! Pm Sent. Dude, please don't leave people hanging...
  11. Forecast is looking Awesome! Anyone up for some WA climbing, this weekend? Looking at Spontaneity Arete 5.7, 7 pitches. Camping at Early winter campground the night before. have trad gear, and can pick you up. drenewemail@gmail.com
  12. If spending Thanksgiving in Mexico climbing sounds like something anyone here wants to partake, i'll start planning this trip out later in August. Ideally it would be a small and competent group, camping. Have some friends that are on the fence for this trip. Currently posted on meetup.
  13. Banff Ice Conditions thread

    Thanks man, exactly i was looking for!
  14. Banff Ice Conditions thread

    Looking to maybe hit Banff Ice 3/10-3/14, but never been there before. Any condition updates beside "Don't go to Rockies" ?, or advice on conditions that late in the season ? Any well publish guide books for Banff Ice ?
  15. Expert Advice Chair Peak

    we were out on on Alpental yesterday, looking and climbing easy ice off to the left on the winter trail... hear about 4 or more large avalanches come down the snow lake area... scary stuff.