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    Sport v Trad

    Adam 13 Dont fert, there is nothing wrong with not knowing or asking questions because you want to know. But what all those sex with rocks wankers seem not to realize is that climbing is a huge "SPORT" encompasing everything from boulders to Mt Everest. The size of ones balls has nothing to do with it, only the size of ones will. I myself are into ice and alpine and enjoy every minute of it and don't try to draw lines between them. If you wan't to go climb in the mountains some day let me know. Peter Way
  2. Put a post in climbing partners in December I've no dout someone will take you up
  3. Give the people at Pipestone Mountaineering a call or drop in and see them. They may be able to help you, their and best climbing store in Missoula. Ask for Jim Wilson. Pipestone 129 west Front st (406)7211670
  4. I have thought of it a time or two but everyone I know or have spoken to that has been there has told me that it snow "A LOT". I've heard storys of climbers losing thier camp sites and tents and all thier camp gear because it gets buryed so deep they can't find it or dig it up. There is so much snowfall in those mountains that the glaciers that come out of them move meters per day. A climb on Mt Logan is more of a logistical chalange than a technical climb. The Ruth Gorge offers far more diversity. Peter
  5. Yeman Part of the problem is that none of my climbing friend live in Porland. I'm from Australia so my friends are spred all over the world I haven't yet got firm dates for winter climbing on Rainier. My work will dictate any time longer than just the weekends but almost any weekend will be open. I'll take time in January for Cody. Have you ice climbed at Strobach Mt on Hwy 12? That's a fun place for a weekend. Peter
  6. I'd like to climb the Nisqually icefall or headwall. I've aready been on the summit a few times so it's not a priority but weather permiting it is always tempting. Peter
  7. Mt Logan sounds tempting. Snows a lot up there, A LOT Peter
  8. Adrian How late in November are you looking to be in banff? Peter
  9. I'm looking to go to the Ruth Glacier early season in 08 with sights on Peak 11300 and Silverthorn, can't talk my friends into it so I'm looking for someone else. Also trying to talk my friends into a couple of trips to Rainier in February/March and ice climbing in Cody Wyoming for a couple of weeks in January, not much luck there eather. Help Peter hopfinger2242@gmail.com
  10. I'd like to do a trip up the Ruth Glacier with sights on peak 11300 and Silverthorn but can't talk my friends into it. So i'm looking for someone else. I've already been on Denali 3 time so don't realy need to do it again. If you like that option let me know Peter hopfinger2242@gmail.com
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