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  1. Does anyone know the reason of the color and the graphic on mountaineering boots? ( I mean the double layer type's boots) I realize the color is much brighter and more contrast than normal hiking boots. As I know mostly the color is based on black, and then add some orange, yellow, or blue. Or is there any color when you wear those boots, you will feel more secure? Sorry, forget to mention, I'm designing the boots.
  2. Design new gear for Ice climbing

    Right now, I'm thinking magnet will be just for assisting to locate position on sole, so it still has bail or some kind of locking.
  3. Design new gear for Ice climbing

    Hi, guys, I decide to design crampons. Right now I have a idea that crampons with a magnet. The magnet will attach on the boots' sole. This idea provides easy step in with no mess. I found it is really difficult when wearing crampons on heavy thick snow. Also, with magnet, it will hold crampons and boot to increase safety. I saw a video on youtube. A guy pops off his crampons when climbing. Is there anyone has this experience? Right now I'm making a prototype with magnet for testing climbing with bail on or off. Here is a link shows how magnet attaching: https://www.dropbox.com/s/voshzkqq1xmyjs2/magnet%20testing.m4v?m The next prototype I have fixed it to become one piece instead of two.
  4. Design new gear for Ice climbing

    Thanks! Kevin it's a good idea for kid market.
  5. Design new gear for Ice climbing

    Thanks guys. I love your feedback. I have an interview file. If someone is willing to be my interviewee please pm me.
  6. Hi, guys, I'm a student from Art center college of design. Currently, I have project about designing Ice climbing gear. I need to find some problems or needs for my design. If you feel there is a improvement for your gear (ice axe, crampons, harness, helmet, belay) or you have any new thought or idea about future ice climbing, please let's discuss. This project is about 5 years from now. Also, I need to interview people who has ice climbing experience. If anyone is willing to be my interviewee, please let me know. The interview will mostly via email. Thank you very much!