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  1. RAT

    Nice. Now I need to return some video tapes...
  2. RAT

    You must be into that whole Yale thing. wanna see my business card. Only if it has a watermark.
  3. RAT

    You must be into that whole Yale thing.
  4. Real vs Income Inequality...

    That article made hella sense. Clearly the citizens of czarist Russia or post WWI Germany should have been more content with their lot, I mean after all they had way more stuff then your average cave man.
  5. Teanaway Road

    Still passable? If so, high clearance needed?
  6. Teanaway Road

  7. Roadside Ice

    Anyone driven by the Liberty Bell group lately? Is there any ice forming up on the side of the road?
  8. Roadside Ice

    ah-ha. Much appreciated.
  9. Whale Hunting

    I don't think they're targeting gay whales.
  10. Whale Hunting

    If you got beef with hunting whales take it up with the Japanese or Norwegians, they do it just to be assholes.
  11. Black Diamond Venom for Waterfall Ice?

    They're baller tools. Excellent on alpine ice. A true bad ass would use them on water ice.
  12. you suck if

  13. Fighting Music?

    The Monster Mash
  14. Found: Walkie Talkie

    On Mt. Stuart - North Ridge
  15. Found: Walkie Talkie

    Yes it is.
  16. Home Defense Firearm Suggestions?

    Let's see: neighbor gets the shit beat out of him for no reason, neighbor wakes up and fights attacker out of house, multiple women raped during home invasions two blocks away. Plus, I don't really care what you think, dip shit. I'm shocked, I've always heard Marcy was an excellent community. Get some of these. You'll not only improve your street cred but you can also breed them for sporting pursuits.
  17. pick up lines...

    "Hey, I have some candy in my van."
  18. pick up lines...

    Sounds kinda like, "This friend of mine..." Homo.
  19. How young is too young?

  20. Tent Poles - Mt. Baker 06/03/07

    Lost a set of tent poles, most likely on trail down from North side of Baker. Reward for return.
  21. Mt Hood Cnditions

    Any one do the Wy'east route lately? If so what was it like?
  22. Speeding Ticket Advice?

    Deferment is your best bet. Most of what people have said thus far is BS. Lawyers are good, but save that for later tickets. In court the judge will call you up and it is then that you’ll ask for your deferment given your clean driving record. WSP will do a pretty bullet proof job with the ticket loopholes; that said before you go to court request discovery papers and filing date from the court. Rule IRLJ 2.2(d) could help. It used to make the courts file the ticket within in 48 hours but it was revised in 2006 to allow 5 days not including holidays and Sundays. If your ticket was not filed within 5 days it’s dismissed, but you’ll have to inform the judge of this. http://www.courts.wa.gov/court_rules/?fa=court_rules.display&group=clj&set=IRLJ&ruleid=cljirlj2.2
  23. It will also negatively impact tailgating. Climbers should link up with Husky fans.
  24. Grivel XMonster

    So does anybody use and like the Grivel Monsters?