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  1. Yet another shooting

    We actually know how to curtail gun violence thanks to the CDC's excellent studies, completed prior to the RFks with NRA cock planted firmly up their bums banning gun violence studies by the CDC in the late 90s. It has nothing to do with 'mental health' - there is zero correlation there. That's just another way for the GOP and its buttboys to blame poor folk for the Holding America Back from True Greatness. It has everything to do with drug and alcohol abuse and previous acts of violence. And the solution goes like this: Comprehensive background checks. Got an assault charge or DUI? No guns for you (big data correlation there). Wanna 'sneak one' into your life afterwards? Welcome to felony-land. No guns allowed in prison, sorry. Our gun sickness, and it is just that, is a form of cultural retardation that may stick around for a while, but we might as well knock the obvious candidates of the list of how gets to plink and who doesn't. The arguments against gun control are, of course, bullshit on their face. They go as follows: Nothing to be done. Really? Look around (internationally). Seems like we stand out in the crowd. Safety. Hmmmm, the data clearly shows peeps with guns are more likely to die from them - via suicide, domestic violence, or accident. The 'shoot the perp' argument. This one's a hoot. The last shooter's rampage took all of 9 minutes. Imagine a room full of idiots with their guns drawn (in response). Who do you shoot? Gifford's protector was almost shot by a highly trained gun toter who mistook his protecting her with his body for the assailant. Of course, that's not you, Mr. Responsible Gun Nut. You would never make such a mistake. After all, you're highly trained. Bottom line? Guns are cool toys and Gun Nuts like 'em. That's pretty much the sum total of what's really going on here. I've got several friends in that category who are, thankfully, somewhat on the sane side - you know, they don't post pics of their gun collections on the web in flaccid cyber-attempts to intimidate and such. They'll readily admit that's pretty much all there is to it. The 'revolution' argument is so ridiculous it requires no comment. So cut the bullshit, Gun Nuts and admit what's really going on. Ya just really like to play with guns. You're certainly never going to challenge the gubmint. You can protect your home far safer with a dog or, god forbid, some new deadbolts. No one's 'coming to kill you because, let's get real - you're nobody. And you're certainly not going to be the next French Train Hero. What you will do is a) shoot yourself, b) shoot your loved ones or c) lose friends and kids to gun accidents in numbers far greater than those who don't own guns.
  2. Yet another shooting

    Best of luck with your impending firefight with the gubmint. Let us know how that turns out. It's awfully hard to hire an attorney when you're dead; pretty much a given when you draw on the Law. I can see having a pellet gun to shoot some squirrel and rat meat when the Big One comes. Frankly, though, traps bring in the yard bacon faster. Some freeze dried, propane, and a water filter seem a bit more useful, though, but they don't make Action Movies about the Fred Meyer Camping Department, do they?
  3. Yet another shooting

    Ah, the media myth. Nope. The frequency and severity of mass shootings in America has accelerated hugely in recent years. The problem is real, and the successful policies of other nations who've solved this problem through strict gun regulation offers real solutions American gun owners don't want simply because, well, and it really comes down to just this: they really like their guns and they're willing to keep their access to them unfettered at the expense of somebody else's kids.
  4. Everest and the masses:

    Global Warming is already on it. Although Everest is actually getting taller as India continues to pile drive Asia from the south.
  5. Everest and the masses:

    The proposed restrictions will do nothing to stem the death rate on Everest or anywhere else in the Himalaya. Climbing 'staff' (guides, sherpas, paid folks) outnumber 'client' fatalities on Everest 2 to 1. In addition, most fatalities occur between 18 and 21K - not at all in the 'death zone' above. Finally, a huge proportion of deaths are from avalanche, not 'inexperience, age, or disability'. Good luck wit dat, Nepal. http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/04/mortality-on-mount-everest/360927/ This echoes the results of other studies I've read on fatalities stats in the Himalayas. Like most public debates - the options being presented don't and won't address the problem. Not even close.
  6. Go Bernie

    Despite its dynamic name, Spray may well be the most static phenomenon in the universe. It's like a time capsule that contains only a fart.
  7. Go Bernie

    Seems like some folks here could stand to check in with Mom more often.
  8. Go Bernie

    I fully support people with a demonstrated lack of compassion and analytical firepower not voting. I'm more than happy to vote for them. Thank you for not doing as much damage to the rest of us as you could!
  9. Go Bernie

    Bastards. I'll be in Cleveland. This is where I get to travel to. BTW, for those asking, I've got an advanced degree in vaginal topology. Your mom was the subject of my thesis. Fkin guyz!
  10. Go Bernie

    you geniuses have got this covered. Let's go caving, Big Man.
  11. Go Bernie

    "Neurosurgeon" just became my new favorite verb. "I do eyes. Just eyes."
  12. Go Bernie

    Except we're stuck with Sleepy on the SCOTUS. He does real damage. Carson's just a cameo on a short run sitcom. We won't have to listen to Dr. Dumbass much longer.
  13. Go Bernie

    Rand Paul is also right, on occasion. Check out Rubio's site for a chuckle. Like most of these wannabe bomb humpers, zero military chops. Fiorina's got a bigger dick. His logo? Why, he dots 'Rubio' with a cute l'il red map of America, sans AK and HI. He missed an op by not including a My Little Elephant. GALACTIC SCALE TOOL.
  14. Go Bernie

    The good doctor's likely got some Thurmond DNA in him, so the tribute seems apropos. Marco "Nothing matters if we're not SAFE" Rubio's attempts to resurrect the Neocon brand aside, Stuffy McButtondown'll probably take it home surfing a wave of petrodollars, given how politely he takes energy industry cock up his ass. Once more, with french tickly feeling. And Cruz? He's pretty flush, but everybody hates that fucker.
  15. Go Bernie

    Some things never change. Moving on... El Papa es en el Edificio and the FOXtards are pooping in their bidness casualz! Apparently, he's a....wait for it...this might be something new, folks...a COMMIE! Im sorry, did that induce a coma of interest? My bad.
  16. Go Bernie

    speaking of ignorance, Gore never claimed he invented the internet, but he did play a critical and unique role in making human caused global warming a global concern, one which sparked a comprehensive science denial campaign by our beloved, trustworthy, always-lookin-out-fo-our-best-interests GOP. While we're being careful with our words n all. But Carsons a 'see, we like negroes' footnote. He's temporarily useful, and, conveniently, "he's a neurosurgeon". Plenty docs and dentists in the GOP (big paycheck), but, funny, hardly a scientist to be found. hmmmm. Anyway, The GOP was never going to vote that PROFOUNDLY IGNORANT savant into that office. Unless they're white, of course.
  17. Go Bernie

    Meanwhile, the Whitey Tighties are going a-Pope-lectic! NEWSFLASH: Pope's God's honeybadger, doods. He's the Ayatollah of DON'T GIVE A FUCK.
  18. Go Bernie

    Bloviation is certainly something Will is personally familiar with, but Trump isn't just bloviated - he's practically his own fleet of gold tinted Zeppelins. As for ignoramus, um, from George Will? Trump's right on more issues today (not a huge number) than Will has ever been in his entire whiny life. Ironically, Trump's problem is money. He's quite low on direct campaign funds, and he's not doing enough fund raising, and he's kind of a cheapskate with regards to spending (good in the beginning - bad later on. Bush, in contrast, has got a mountain range of money - he just needs to sit tight and sucker punch Rubio every now and then.
  19. Go Bernie

    Of course it doesn't matter to Trump, but only the GOP has laid down the racist, chick-hating, science-denying astroturf for him to play on. And the GOP's a nasty bunch of fucksticks on the inside, so Trump's just upped that ante by being consistent on the outside as well. No phony baloney 'let's be civilized' there (while asset stripping, playing war, and pumping up the volume on income diversity). Trump's singular talent is being an asshole, and by effectively employing it, he has forced his more corporate-PC rivals into revealing their true fascist natures, or faking them, in an attempt to woo a base they thought they knew, but apparently did not. It's hawt Entitlement-on-Entitlement action. The results; rendering Bush and Fiorina as the clowns they've always been, and Cruz and Walker as small piles of poop one simply steps over they've always been, couldn't be more satisfying. I'd love to see a Trump/Fiorina ticket. After all, she's been running for the VP spot from day 1, her tried and true "if I'm here long enough I'll get promoted" that can, on occasion, work for the talentless. The GOP knows its token black man ain't gonna make it, even with his racist bonafides against the not-as-black, so the One Without A Dick is their only hope electorally to try to fool enough women to screw themselves by voting GOP. To see two buffoons who despise each other forced to campaign together would be a singular pleasure in 2016.
  20. Go Bernie

    I don't see any mystery in Trump's popularity among The Faithful. He's the only GOP. candidate who's up front about the GOPs agenda - rich white power, denigration of women, xenophobia. Where he diverges from that storybook, he's often right on the issues. Closing fat cat tax loopholes and not believing that Jesus rides a Trex, for example. And he's crude but effective in exposing his inflatosuit opponents for the phonies they are, most notably Jeb 'Lehman Bros paid me 1.3 M a year to help destroy the economy' Bush and Carly 'i road herd on two huge corporate disasters, not just one' Fiorina. The GOP has been begging for Trump in the same way a shih tzu who poos in your bed when you're not looking begs for a personal hand held flame thrower (an actual product one of my friend markets in case you have that issue)
  21. Go Bernie

    oh, i dont know. the GOPs got a bold path back to Greatness on offer. I like Carson's 'no Muslims in elected office' idea. To which I'd add 'no negroes, neither'. And after the Timmy Horton's/BK acquisition. its pretty clear that we need a northern wall to keep our Strategic Deep Fryer Oil Reserve on US soil. We might think about postponing mass deportations until after its done. though. I like Fiorina's not having a dick as her primary selling point as well. Brilliant, but then. what else would expect from Lucent's most celebrated executive? Too bad she's got the face of a draught horse, which leads me to American Conservatism 3.0's Savior de Jour, Mr. T. Billionaire White Supremacy. Why havent any other Billionaires come up with that? Lets just lay that out the way it's laid out already, no? On the flipside, who will take on those self serving teachers if not you, Scott? We harley knew ye! Let's enjoy this special time in the Great American Horse Race, when cray cray's OK-a and anything goes, for soon the quiet billionaires will choose their flag boy and we'll be forced to listen to the Drone of the Democrats, who don't seem to know whose ass needs kickin. Where's the fun in that?
  22. denali?

    Clever solar system flick, BTW. The place is big, and that's why we need to start going really, really fast.
  23. denali?

    Just a high speed fly by update myself on the issues of the day. I intend to vote for the first Republican who actually goose steps on camera. I admire strength.
  24. denali?

    It's encouraging to see that dog fucking may now be discussed openly in a supportive, tolerant environment.
  25. Ivan: I 1240...GO

    I basically hate people in general and kids especially, so I want the latter to suffer as much as possible prior to entering adulthood, which seems be about age 45 these days. The Basement Creature has only got 2 more years of public schooling so this thing won't affect him much. Charter schools - an Rfuck idea, no? Which of course means its got a hidden agenda about 400 layers deep, so I'm inclined to wipe my arse with it. Still, I know nothing of the issue other than that my eyes glazed over at a League of Women Voters debate (I was there to get the church ladies to schmoke legal bowls of high grade Washington State Weed). The two screeching harpies, one a dwarf educational blogger (against), the other a lanky tranny with a JD (for), as she helpfully reminded us about 9 times, seemed ready flay each other, so SOMEBODY must give a shite. The Rfucks say 40 states have them, which means fuck all since almost as many states have anti-gay marriage laws thanks to the Beelzeballsuckers. That's why I'm outsourcing my vote to you, Big Man. Yay or Nay? TIA