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  1. Found a harness at index. Let me know what size, color and where you left it. Brandon 425-446-0717
  2. Thanks Lukic!!! You are a great guy! Cam returned!!!!
  3. unless you left it in the parking lot it was not at the base of S.C in space as of sunday at 4pm
  4. Unfortunatly I got a #1 camalot stuck just right of the top of the squeeze chimney. You have to go around the corner to see it. If anyone gets it loose I would give 20 bucks or beer to have it back. Thanks. Brandon.
  5. Anyone wanna climb dtail this sat/sun? Give me a call at 425-446-0717. Brandon
  6. I know short notice but I would be able to on sunday and Monday. Give me a call 425-446-0717 brandon
  7. Hello, I am a competent, safe climber with a full rack, and ice rack. I have led up to WI4 { mt baker pan dome } have led chair peak Ne buttress, and followed chair N face. Have climbed hood in the winter, Rainer and made it to 16k on Denali. On rock i lead 5.9's and follow up into the lower 10's. I don't have all the time in the world but can offer great stoke on any objective. I would be able to get out once every couple weeks this winter. I would like to climb d-tail triple couloirs, chair peak n-face, and pineapple express but would be up for anything. Give me a call at 425-446-0717 Brandon
  8. Anyone have any interest in Torment Forbidden traverse on those dates? Open to other alpine objectives in the 5.7-5.9 range as well. Brandon 425-446-0717
  9. consider it gone I will come pic it up Monday or Tuesday. Please e-mail me directions. firefan111@outlook.com
  10. No interest huh? Give me your best offer. Im not against bartering.
  11. Brand new tags still on them mens furio pants size small color black. http://www.outdoorresearch.com/en/catalog/product/view/id/23429/s/mens-furio-pants/category/2158/ Retail 285.00 for sale 200.00 Mens used furio jacket size Medium. http://www.outdoorresearch.com/en/catalog/product/view/id/23428/s/mens-furio-jacket/category/2158/ Retail 350.00 for sale 150.00 Color blue on blue Contact Brandon 425-446-0717 Phone is the best way to get ahold of me.
  12. climbed it today. Its in great shape. Best shape i have ever seen it in. Bottom half is 30m WI2-3 top 30m is WI3+.
  13. climbed the buttress a week ago. First pitch was in but the fixed anchor was burried. Make sure to bring a picket or 2, and a few pitons. Otherwise the first pitch is fairly unprotectable. Second pitch up to the waterfall was eazy and consolidated. Third pitch/ waterfall took 16cm screws. easy to the top from there. GOOD LUCK
  14. Please contact me via phone. Im thinking our group has an answer to your problem. 425-446-0717 Brandon McNally
  15. Two year old boots, they have only been worn 6-7 times. They have always been to small. Only molded once. Soles show no wear. Sides and tops have typical surface scratches. They come with the intuition moldable liners. This model http://www.popscreen.com/p/MTMzODMzNDU5/SKISCHUH-DYNAFIT-ZZERO-3-U-MF-11-395-EU-255-MP-4049156816468-.G Great boot just too small. 325.00 Beat way to get ahold of me is call. 425-446-0717 Brandon
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