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  1. Women's Size 10 harness, never used, at least 5 years old though. Local pickup in Seattle only. $10
  2. Literally used once in the snow. Virtually no wear, just a half size to big for myself. Local pick up in Seattle or can ship them. $475
  3. Trip: Johannesburg Mountain - 1951 NE Buttress Date: 6/28/2015 Trip Report: I had always wanted to climb Johannesburg ever since I made my first trip up Cascade River Road. Such a massive, impressive, bad-ass looking mountain. From then on I told myself someday I'm going to climb that mountain. Four years later I made a sorry "attempt" to be scared off very low down. Another five years went by, five long years of her taunting me the countless times I looked across the valley only to admire it from afar. It wasn't until Tom invited me to go settle the score, I was so down. Tom, Greg, Eric and myself met at the trailhead on Friday and enjoyed the waning light on Johannesburg, while meeting new friends at the parking lot. I had a restless sleep in anticipation for what tomorrow would bring. Shortly after 5am it was on. The two minute road approach led to the crossing of the Cascade River. A short bushwhack found us on the Sill Glacier. We worked our way up to a snow finger and a short jump off the snow got us onto the buttress. Up we went; the battle began as we worked our way up the path of least resistance which was class 4 rock, steep exposed heather and relentless vertical bushwhacking which slowed our progress to what seemed non-existent. We took breaks when we could, especially at water sources to keep us hydrated on the brutally hot day. As we gained altitude we started progressing out of the trees onto the steep heather and class 4 rock. Approaching the top, we decided to rope up for a few pitches as we were all tired and a mistake at this point, or any for that matter would not be good. Greg did an awesome job leading us up the crux to our bivy site, what an unbelievable spot. It was barely big enough for the four of us but we managed. It didn't actually matter what it was, I was just so happy to turn my brain off of all the dangers and enjoy the views and relax. That night I'll remember forever, the views are so unique; it was a lovely night chatting and reflecting on our day. The next morning we got up and it didn't feel like I got any sleep at all, sore and tired we all managed to pack up and start up the snow arĂȘte. We followed it up one of the only semi-large flat spot on the mountain. We admired the upper glaciers for a short while and then Eric led us up the upper snow headwall. Once up the snow, it was a short scramble to the top. It was over, I sat quietly taking it all in, I had done it, we had done it. The way down is an entire different story, at first we traversed the ridge until we were able to descend a number of gully's and sketchy ledges. We made 3 rappels to ease the mind at times, but always leery of the rocks flying down the mountains from time to time. Eventually we made it down to the snow below the CJ col and right next to Cascade Peak, the views of the Middle Cascade were fantastic as usual. Doug's Direct to Cascade Pass and out. Thanks Tom for the awesome route finding! This is a special mountain that throws just about everything at you, you really do earn each step. Thanks Tom, Greg, and Eric for such an amazing trip!
  4. Devils Tower 4/5-4/10

    Looking to climb the Durrance Route along with some others possibly over a couple days. Have the gear just need a partner. Will be already on location from a road trip so must be able to meet there. Josh
  5. Trip: Mt Goode - NE Buttress Date: 7/24/2011 Trip Report: Climbed the NE Buttress of Goode this past weekend. We approached via Bridge Creek TH, started hiking around 9am and kept marching. The trail part went by prety fast and we soon found ourselves at the North Fork Creek Crossing. It was just over knee high in places and was a little spooky where the water was really flowing. Once accross we made our way up the slabs just to the right of the falls, and wound up camping around 5400' The following day we got an early start and headed out for the buttress. We had to make a commiting move onto the buttress as we manuvered ourselves across the moat. Once on the buttress itself we belayed the first pitch, then simu-soloed the route up to where it gets steeper and belayed a few more pitches and soon found ourselves on top. We decended via Black Tooth notch down the SW Couloir, circled the entire mountain back to the Storm King/Goode Col. Made the rap to the snow and soon found out there was no relative easy way accross the bergshrund. We wound up going far left to some rocks and set up a rappel having to leave a piece to get down, luckily things worked out and the shrund was passable in that area. It was 9pm at this point and we hurried to decend the glacier. Darkness soon caught up with us and found ourselves going from snow to rock to snow, then finnaly the last rock outcroping cliffed us out. We said screw it, made a super sketch rappel on one nut right next to a waterfall. From there it was a matter of finding camp. Not an easy task for us, it was so dark and everything looked the same. We end up having to sleep in the bushes that night, only finding our camp about five minutes away just a little lower then we thought. The hike home felt long and agonizing, but the rain gods were on our side at least and just as we hit the car it started to sprinkle then turning to heavy rain. Gear Notes: Poles are nice for the river crossings Brought a med rack to #2, would only bring a small rack to #1 next time. Approach Notes: Easy trail, slabs are easy to find after the river crossing
  6. Red Rocks right now

    Want to leave for Red Rocks asap, is anyone down there who needs a partner or want to just take off and enjoy some climbing in the sun? Need a partner now though March 9th. Lead 8/9 follow 10s Josh email me joshenj@hotmail.com
  7. Hiking back from Colchuck Lake and lost my White Petzel Elios Helmet PM if found please
  8. Stuart Range this weekend

    Check your email
  9. Anyone been up there this year or seen it yet and know the conditions?
  10. Trip: Mt Logan - Douglas Glacier Date: 7/15/2010 Trip Report: Rick Samona and I climbed Mt Logan via the Douglas Glacier. We camped at the Easy Pass TH on Tuesday to get a head start on the approach. Hiking up to the pass went by quickly and soon we started the decent into the Fisher Valley. We kept hiking unitl we got to about 3900' having lost all but 200' of the elevation we had gained going up to Easy Pass. From there we crossed the river on a log, and started up the tributary valley. About 3/4 of a mile is where the brush really started. We did everything to avoid the groves of giant devils club, but at times it was unavoidable. We soon made it to the clearing at 4000' our route of choice was directly up and right of the Pillbox. This section was brushiest, slowing us down quite a bit. The regrowth is definatly back with avengence. Eventually we made it to camp at 4700' quickly ate and got to bed. Pondering our acent of the headwall in the morning. We chose to climb the east side of the headwall where there seemed to be some brush and trees to aid in our acent. Once at the base of the headwall we made it up the verical trees and then got to some class 3 scrambling to the base of the glacier. The glacier itself was just a slog up, except to save time we made a short move up some icefall to avoid a long walk around it, there were plenty of snowbridges accross the crevasses. We got to the notch, and headed up to gain the ridge. Once there a short scrambling traverse put ourselves on the summit. We chose to go all the way back to Fisher camp that night to make an easy day 3. Durning the night however I woke up several times to crashing noises in the woods and animals running through camp, crazy. Im retarted about how to add photos but check out my flickr site and they are there. Gear Notes: Glacier gear, machete would have been usefull. Approach Notes: More brush then expected, thus adding more time to the approach and decent.
  11. I could do triple couloir sat/sun, pm me Josh
  12. Climbing sat/sun

    Anyone want to do Triple coloir, n. face dragontail or something on stuart? PM me
  13. Not sure if anyone is in the area but im looking to climb on Eire now that the days are getting longer and nicer. I work in Oak Harbor so its on the way home. Anyone up for climbing regularly from just after 4pm till dark or whenever? Josh pm me