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  1. Best present?

    Black Diamond skis, boots and dynafit bindings (ok, this was a bday and Christmas gift... but still cool)!
  2. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    Wow. I don't know what all of the commotion is about VH's post. He wasn't trying to take over your precious website to preach at all of you. All he was trying to do was to ask if anyone (probably anyone Christian) would want to join his team. Notice he did not ask for your opinion of his climbing club or your endorsement. Obviously you thought he was.
  3. Funniest telemarket call

    hahaha that's pretty funny. I like when he asks the telemarketer if he was the guy's gay lover.
  4. MEC Takes All POLYCARBONATE off Shelves

    more info and comments on this subject can be found in the thread i started a while back... http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/737775/fpart/1
  5. Your Best Climbing Work-outs....

    jon- Not sure which studies my prof was referring to- and i don't have time right now to hop on medline and look through all of them. This research is still pretty new, but i know at least a few studies have shown the transition from type IIA to type I when endurance and strength training is incorporated into weekly work out routines. This transition is lessened when strength training is done on separate days than endurance training. Some fiber transition does still occur, though. Here is one study: "We conclude that the interference of knee extensor strength development in Strength/Endurance training group versus Strength trained group was related to greater fast-to-slow fibre-type transitions and attenuated hypertrophy of type I fibres." In this study strength and endurance training was done on alternate days and the transition still happened. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2004 Aug;92(4-5):376-84. Epub 2004 Jul 6
  6. Abortion or Murder???

    hmmm thanks for the info. I'm usually quite suspect of stats online but saw a whole string of citations attached to each article... wonder if those were made up or just misquoted?
  7. Your Best Climbing Work-outs....

    One interesting physiology tidbit i learned the other day in my exercise physiology class is that if you are trying to become stronger by lifting weights, but also trying to get in good cardiovascular shape, you should not do cardio and weight lifting on the same day. It messes with the way your body responds to the weight lifting and doesn't end up repairing the strength-trained muscles (type IIa and IIx) as strong. Best thing to do is to do cardio one day and then weight train the next. That didn't seem to mess up the muscle repairing as much.
  8. Abortion or Murder???

    Actually, the risk of death is 4 times higher with abortions than childbirth. Abortions also make 2-5% of women sterile, and at least 1/3 of women who have had abortions have severe psychological issues that require extensive counseling. http://www.afterabortion.info/PAR/V8/n2/finland.html
  9. Patagucci Down Sweater??

    If you have the $$ to buy both the sleek *light* down jacket and the normal down *heavy* jacket then this discussion doesn't really pertain to you. I think part of what Blake was saying was, if you're going to spend the money to buy ONE down jacket, why would you choose that one?
  10. Red Rock: "Peaches" chimney question

    Saw that climb and I thought the top looked harder than 5.7. Didn't attempt it though, because it started snowing on us (it was March).
  11. Love the pics. Thanks for the stoke.
  12. 2 tickets needed for Banff Mtn film festival

    Well, if you REALLY want to see it, you can always drive up to Bellingham. it's showing on Tuesday, Nov. 27th at Western Washington University PAC at 7:00.
  13. Ron Paul

    What makes you say he doesn't like school? He's a doctor who went to school in the US for ~20 years and often speaks of their value. He's just said that public education should be managed by states and school districts, not at a federal level.
  14. Routes on Gunsight Peaks

    ha. i think it does.
  15. Storm Watch 2007!!!!

    I went to get my bike out of my shed to bike to work yesterday morning... after I opened the glass paned door and reached inside for my bike, the door came hurling back at me because of the wind. My elbow ended up going through one of the panes of glass. Didn't get hurt( I was mainly concerned about tearing my rain jacket that I was wearing anyway), but now my door is broken.
  16. Alcohol

    Why? They're a novelty, right? You have to drink them with no hands? You just like alcohol you can play with? can't a girl have a little fun?
  17. Alcohol

    So... here it goes My favorite ALCOHOLIC DRINK is a blow job. Buttery nipples aren't bad either.
  18. Cigarettes helpful?

    Interesting. Seems to me that the elevated hemoglobin levels found in smokers' blood could be due to the fact that when you smoke, you are inhaling carbon monoxide, and that actively competes with oxygen for space on the hemoglobin. So in order to carry as much oxygen as a non-smoker, the body must have more hemoglobin. So having more hemoglobin at that elevation may not actually be helping the smokers that much.
  19. Halloween Hangovers?

    TRs of our halloween adventures? my housemates and i all went as killer bees (basically bees with weapons).
  20. Halloween Hangovers?

    No hangover for me because I didn't drink... waking up at 5AM is painful enough. I had to be at work at 5:45AM and left the bars at 12:30 AM. UGH.
  21. READ if you use Nalgenes

    http://www.thegreenguide.com/doc/114/bpa I had heard about some kind of chemical that was dangerous in Nalgene bottles, but never looked into it until now. Interesting article for all of you science or health gurus on this site.
  22. Hey Crabasses

    My supraspinatus (one of the shoulder muscles) is inflamed right now so I cannot climb. I am very frustrated... and the sun just makes it more depressing.
  23. READ if you use Nalgenes

    ...You speaking from experience??
  24. READ if you use Nalgenes