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  1. While on the way to the North Cleaver route on Adams on June 15, 2019, we came across a 1.5-liter blue Nalgene. It was sitting on a rock at the intersection of Killen Creek Trail and PCT. Judging by the stickers, it probably belongs to someone from Seattle, or at least from the state of Washington. Pictures attached. If you know who it belongs to, please contact me by private message.
  2. We are a group of mostly Californians looking to climb Adams this year. Tentative plans were made to go for the south side route over Memorial Day weekend. However, this was before the snow dumps of the unexpectedly wet winter. I have been told by our Oregon friends that Cold Springs campground being accessible by the end of May is unrealistic. I would like to ask the opinions of more experienced people here on a timeline for getting to that trailhead, and what to expect on the mountain. I understand this would be just speculation based on what's happened so far only, but it would help with the planning. As quick background, I have experience with the volcanoes, having led teams on Rainier, Hood and South Sister. These were in the previous "drier" years though. Thanks for your input!