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  1. I will be available on the wall from 430 to 730 if any one is intrested.
  2. Climb this week?

    I am looking to go to exit 32 or 38 Thursday after work. Say 4pm to 730pm.
  3. Seattle Area Evening Climbing

    A regular Thursday outing to Exit 32 or 38 is my vote. I am not able to commit to every week but I will do my best. I can give rides back from the walls to the east gate park and ride if any one needs it.
  4. Kids Ropeup 2009

    Any one want to set a date for a kids rope up this year? My vote is for Leavenworth late in Aug say 21-23. With early planning maybe we can get a camping spot near the climbing.
  5. Mid-Week Index or Exit 38?

    Is there a regular exit 38 night going? I work on Snoqualmie ridge and would be game for little si or exit 38 any time after 330pm. I can give rides if needed. My route would be Snoqualmie ridge, climbing and back to Bellevue (near the east gate park and ride). Peter
  6. Kids rock!

    Mine are 12 6 and 4. We try to climb Sunday afternoon at Marymore. if you are interested please email me and I will drop you a note when we are going. Peter
  7. Kicked off the season!

    We could not pass up the chance to hit the rocks with the weekends weather. I found a very nice slab to climb on top of Mt Erie. It was a huge confidence builder for my youngest and gave his older brother a chance to show off. http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/500/thumbs/Erie3.jpg http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/500/thumbs/Erie_1.jpg http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/500/thumbs/Caitlyn_Erie.jpg
  8. KIDS/PARENTS -- this is a trial

    my jr lizard has a pair with zip off leggs by calvin clothing. They dry very quickly and fit very well and he has yet to destroy them a real +++++++. I recommend them
  9. SPOT GPS locator

    So this unit and its pros and cons has been hashed over in previous threads. Has any one used one in real life. How does it work for you. Has any one had to call for aid either low priority to your personal contacts or 911?
  10. SPOT GPS locator

    Does the unit tell you if the message went through?
  11. Kids Ropeup 2009

    Well my crew had so much fun I would vote for 2 events a year 1 in the spring maybe in vantage and one aug/sep in the icecycle canyon. How about Aug 21 to 23 2009
  12. Kids Ropeup

    Oh his torso is soooooo long
  13. Harness

    I have now used both the larger Petzel full body kids and Trango full body kids harness. The Trango is the superior product. Trango's tie in point is more durable. Trango's tie in point is lower so that when lowering off a top rope or repelling Jr. can pull their shoulders back further lessening the felling that they will kiss the rock. Trango has holders for the access strap on all 4 buckles. Petzel has them on the shoulders but not on the legs and the flapping straps get in the way of high steps by small legs. Trango has gear loops. Trango costs less by a few dollars.
  14. Kids Ropeup

    I want to echo Porters comments and Thanks to every one who came. And last of all I want to thank the elongated one who makes all things possible.
  15. Kids Ropeup

    that is hilarious that he would risk yacking to play game boy
  16. Harness

    Marmot in bellevue has the trango jr in stock for 49 or so. I like it a lot and my jr. lizard likes it as well.
  17. Kids Ropeup

    It looks like rain this week in Leavenworth with sun Fri, Sat and Sun. Excellent conditions in my book. If there are any last min. hold outs there is still a place at the camp. If any one wants to come but lacks gear for their kids I have some shoes and harness to share. See you there.
  18. Mountaineers Gym to be open to all?

    to bash is so fun! When I was in search and rescue they were a running joke. There would be a report of 1 group of 10 missing and some how two groups = 20 or so would be found. In their defence, I am glad to see city folk trying to enjoy the out doors.
  19. Kids Ropeup

    I went to the camp and to check out the climbing this weekend. Everything looks good. The camp has a nice pool and a very large grass play area. There are wood rounds to play agility games on and they alos have shuffle bord, mini golf, frizby golf, a tennis court and hourse shoes. The camp has all the gare for these games. I had the kids do a few climbs and they played with other kids around the climbing area. This should be a lot of fun if any one is holding out please join us! PM me if yu want a camp spot with us.
  20. looking to buy kids rock gear

    Please keep me in mind as you clean out gear that is to small. I have 3 rapidly expanding kids who like to bring their friends along to climb, so I am looking to buy servicable gear. Currently I need 1 or 2 full body harness and shoes euro 33 and up. I have posted to the yard sale but please pm me any time you have surplus gear.
  21. looking to buy kids rock gear

    I am now well stocked on shoes to 33. Still looking for a good used kids full body harness.
  22. I am located in Bellevue and I am looking for a full body harness I have a trango and I like it. And I am looking for a pair or two of kids rock shoes euro size 28 and larger. I work in seattle.
  23. I am well stocked for shoes up to 33. Still looking for a good used full body kids harness.
  24. Good places for top ropes for kids in the Icicle

    I am going over this weekend to recon the kids ropeup site. Any thoughts on Peshastin Pinnacles? Barnies Bubble is nice easy safe parking shade nearby safe place to play at the base of the wall. Burces bolder across the road has a easy climb as well easly top roped.