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  1. Packed up the car and forgot to load up our sleeping bag. It is in a large white bag with the ground sheet as well. Was likely left on the ground in the main parking area of the Bridge Creek climbers camping spot in Leavenworth, Wa on 6/4/16. We love our bag dearly and miss it very much. If found please call 206 225 8493.
  2. For sale, NW Alpine Fast and Light softshell pants. Mens Medium. Brand New With Tags. $140 Great Pants they just don't fit me right. PM me if interested or email joshkali@email.com
  3. Anyone wanna head up for some fun on D-tail tomorrow? I've got all the gear and a car. Perhaps we could try and do a link up of the G-S and T-C? Lemme know here or call 206-225-8493
  4. Or anything really, Index is looking potentially sunny!
  5. Any of you animals free the next two days Tues/Wed and looking to get out? Mt. Hood looks nice and cold, wanna attempt Yocum Ridge? Hit me up here or 206-225-8493. -Josh
  6. Hey Folks, I'm currently on an extended road trip and ended up back in Seattle for the month of March. I just sent my climbing partner home to visit her parents so I'll be here for the next three weeks with nothing better to do than go climbing or skiing. I am really up for anyting from bouldering or cragging to alpine climbing or ski touring. With my preference being wintery alpine anywhere within 250 miles or so of Seattle. Let me know via PM and we could discuss objectives, Thanks! P.S. I've done nothing but climb rock and ice around the west for the last 7 months so I'm pretty dialed these days.
  7. Nice Work! We Shared the Camp Bird Road, Angel Creek Campground pullout with you! We were in the white Ford Van with Washington Plates. Ouray is cool but I definitely prefer the bottom up style of ice climbing and it took some getting used to just TR'ing everyting. Good work in Red Rocks! That 5.9 splitter crack in a corner high on Black Orpheus has to be one of the best pitches I've ever done there.
  8. For Sale: Brand new never used CCW Valdez Pack. This bag is beautiful and it breaks my heart to sell it. I had it custom made for me in March and never had the chance to use it. I recently got another bag that I thought would be much smaller although they ended up being almost the exact same size so unfortunately one has to go. $130 I had Randy over at CCW make some modifications for me: The shoulder straps pull down, like a normal pack, not up. I had the ski slots on the sides removed I had the extension tube cut down from 13" to 5" to make it more like a snow skirt than an actual extention. I had Universal Tool Holders installed which makes it capable of holding any of the new modular tools. I'd like to get what I paid for it $130 In the pics it is filled with two 60M 8.1mm ropes and one 60m 10.5mm rope. (not included) The Nomic is for reference only and not part of the sale.
  9. 2nd what John said those would be my choices except maybe with Chamonix at the top
  10. How about the movie "Everest." About the 1982 Canadian expedition to Everest. The way Jason Preistly gets swept away by a rockalanche will have you rolling. Otherwise it's fairly well shot, except the part where they're supposed to be climbing above 20,000ft, and there is clearly a broken off tree sticking out of the snow off to the side of the frame. And of course William Shatner makes any movie better. -Josh
  11. Check out Kevin's pics in the Ice forum from our recon trip up there yesterday. I'd say it still needs some time before anything is really "in."
  12. Anyone want to get out the next two days? Weather looks nice. I am up for anything that is in, anywhere. I have a few ideas. Shoot me a PM and we can figure something out. -Josh
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