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  1. Solo application for Rainer

    I just wanted to post in this important thread before it is moved to spray in 3,2,1....
  2. Sheeps?

    I see the rodents are up early today!
  3. Leslie Nielsen, 84

    Christy Brinkley wasn't in Caddyshack. More like National Lampoons Vacation in 1983
  4. The real issue with Palin

    Palin would look better in this than lipstick, which they test on polar bears by the way.
  5. Dosewallips River Road repair - New EIS Released

    Open the road and let the people in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. looking ti get a Mt. Rainer summit team together

    i wud love ti climb mt. raner to. i have a rop and some carbiners and sum knowleg. pleze pm me.
  7. CC.com T-shirts

    Hairy Pi would be good enough.
  8. Photos of Really small housedogs

    If you are trying to start a thread with the hope of surpassing the number of pages in the NODDER thread, give it up sister.
  9. Real vs Income Inequality...

    Didn't mean to offend. Drunk right now.
  10. Real vs Income Inequality...

    Bold words from Fairyfeather's sex slave.
  11. Newest Newbie

    Bend over Sea Gal...
  12. Legend of the Ronny

    Giuliani: still pushing 711
  13. Mountain Loop Fiasco

    Is it possible that we have a NODDER sighting?
  14. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    OMG! There will be a nodder sighting on Denali in 2008. Wher is the nodder now?
  15. The Mazama Store

    Somehow I feel safer amoung lesbian cyclists.