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  1. Infinite Bliss

    manifest destiny...
  2. Manliest Movie Ever

  3. Your ideal town

    Since we're talking about France....I might as well join in. Grenoble is an awesome small city. Enough culture and nightlife to make it fun, but like Seattle, close proximity to great climbing. La Grave- 2hrs (plus lots of good ice routes between Grenoble and La Grave) Chamonix- 2hrs (no explanation needed) Presles- 45mins (best multipitch rock climbing north of the Verdon Gorge) Plus crags accessible by bus/bike in town. Mt Blanc and Grenoble seen from the Vercors plateau
  4. Lightweight harness?

    http://www.wildcountry.co.uk/Products/NewEliteSeriesHarnesses/EliteMensAdjustable/ not much more than a pound. i haven't worn one, but I hear they're mighty comfortable. otherwise a swami might work well.
  5. put on your balaclava

    Ud_-AuBmp6Q funny music video, kind of a rip on other french rappers. lyrics in french and an english translation: http://latte.blogs.com/welcome/2007/05/fous_ta_cagoule.html
  6. put on your balaclava

    e-rock, sorry, my panties have been in a bunch lately. i'll try to come up with some good (non-french) spray war action in the next few days.
  7. put on your balaclava

    there's another video by him where his buddy's girlfriend messes up his car and leaves an ice axe in the hood. way to represent savoie.
  8. put on your balaclava

    well, it's not climbing related, so spray seemed the best place to put it. also, im not trying to build a "spraysume", but pass on some of the funny french crap i find. i know there are a lot of folks on this board who (claim to) speak french, for whom some of these vids i post could be funny. now va te faire enculer, connard.
  9. what is the point of chopping bolts?

    only if i can screw in some gym holds.
  10. Graffiti By Robert Smythe at Nevermind

    there was one of these on 45th and densmore on the wells fargo building. only, it was right above a bench, so the first time i saw it, there were 2 little old ladies sitting there with a giant bear on its hind legs behind them and those words tagged next to it all.
  11. good pun sorry to hear you're out at the beginning of the season. A friend of mine broke his heel and after a few weeks was in the gym TRing easy overhanging stuff using only his good leg, kept the arms in shape.
  12. Offwidths in Leavenworth

    mastadon roof
  13. Worst climb

    what were you doing with your nads exposed while climbing?
  14. Smith Rock Camping

    I'm surprised you remeber it! I've only stayed at skull hollow and it's been fine, but i've heard that when wind picks up, the bivy stays relatively calm, could be a major bonus when cooking.
  15. Worst climb

    awww shucks , you're just saying that.
  16. Worst climb

    i really don't like routes like that. reminds me of overboard (aka overbored) on morning glory wall or bust the move at 32. i much prefer endurance challenges.
  17. Worst climb

    oh, snap.
  18. Bike Theft

    My friend had his Kona CinderCone stolen from outside the UW gym yesterday. If anyone happens to see one pop up on craigslist or around Seattle in the next few weeks, please let me know. Thanks in advance, if anyone comes across the bike they will be rewarded with
  19. Worst climb

    the green one on rope 18. can't stand it.
  20. "Really Impressive" or "My Daddy's a Doctor!"?

    just too much climbing porn
  21. What Do you Want to See?

    for some reason youtube videos won't play with my firefox browser (works if I open IE). is it just my computer or is there something tweaky with firefox and this site?
  22. "Really Impressive" or "My Daddy's a Doctor!"?

    no, my nose freezes.
  23. "Really Impressive" or "My Daddy's a Doctor!"?

    i plan on being the first to get summit nookie on all 7 summits. still havent worked out the exposure to cold though...
  24. How to get some...

    For all the socially retarded cimbers out there: How to get some (safe for work)
  25. How to get some...

    Only that the age of the holder and holdee are clearly stated pre and post holding. what sorry sucker has to do that?