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  1. VW Bus Camping at Squamish?

    Thanks for the input, y'all!
  2. VW Bus Camping at Squamish?

    Hey all, Just a quick question about your thoughts on the best place to camp with a VW bus at Squamish. I've been there twice before, but was denied climbing by the rain. It'll be my first multi-day trip there. Thanks in advance! Tom Patterson Seattle
  3. Trapper Nelsons

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. and Yes That was my first pack (originally, my Dad's). It was brutal. On top of that, I carried canned goods in it for my first few trips. I think I have grooves in my shoulders, still.
  4. Looking for graphic designer for some logo work

    I know of a graphic designer (Adam) in Ballard who does really great work. Check out his site for some examples: http://atomicdl.com/ No kickback for me in putting forward his name, BTW. Good luck!
  5. Icicle Canyon Conditions

    "Oppressively wet spring" is right! Thanks for the response, Sol.
  6. Icicle Canyon Conditions

    Not having had any experience in Leavenworth in the winter, is the rock in Icicle Canyon in good shape for climbing right now (4/16/11)? Thanks in advance! Tom Patterson Seattle
  7. Smith Rock Camping

  8. Smith Rock Camping

    We did all the Morning Glory Wall routes, Karate Crack, Sunshine Dihedral, a bunch of stuff off of Northern Point, everything on Rope de Dope, and a bunch of other stuff as well. Beautiful few days!
  9. Smith Rock Camping

    Just got back from four stellar days at Smith, and we stayed in the Climber's Bivouac. Thanks, all, for your input. The Bivouac site was great, met lots of climbers from all over the place--newbies and hardcore. Super positive atmosphere, even if the walk to the tent was farther than it would be at skull.
  10. Smith Rock Camping

    I'm thinkin' it's Climber's Bivouac for us. If any of you are gonna be out that way, be sure and say hey! Thanks for your input, y'all!
  11. Smith Rock Camping

    "Don't sleep close to the urinal...don't sleep close to the urinal...don't sleep close to the urinal..." Got it! Thanks, man. That's a good "heads up."
  12. Smith Rock Camping

    Thanks cd and hemp. I'm kinda bringin' a mini social scene with me, and meeting others there, so that's not a problem. But are y'all saying that I'm a lot less likely to be around other climbers in the "climber's bivouac" than at Skull Hollow? I mean, is the climber's bivouac that in name only? Thanks again for all the input.
  13. Smith Rock Camping

    Sprocket, you're makin' me lean...
  14. Smith Rock Camping

    Well...I did get my tent at REI years ago, my wife does work there, and I am 49...but still--I'm suddenly finding myself in the middle of an existential camping crisis. Who knew such controversy existed? I'm reading with baited breath for the next installment touting the virtues of one camp over the other. Thanks!
  15. Smith Rock Camping

    Thanks for the heads up, Cat. I think I'll pass on the all night parties.