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  1. Denali 2017

    Hi Anthony. I might be interested for this May. I've summitted Rainier about a dozen times, including liberty ridge. I was also on an Ama Dablam expedition this past November. Do you have permits?
  2. [TR] Liberty Ridge w/ Partial Ski Descent 4/11-14

    Strong work Guys. I've done that route but couldn't imagine skiing it. Why is the gate locked in the first place? The Federal Government needs to protect us from ourselves? I respect your act of conscientious objection. I think if more Americans had the courage to push back against the constant encroachment on our freedoms it would slow it down considerably. The NPS has zero credibility after holding us all hostage last October for political purposes.
  3. Welcome Leavenworth Climbing Rangers

    Well said Jason. And money and ideology are powerful motivators.
  4. Welcome Leavenworth Climbing Rangers

    Good Question FW. I don't mean to sound cynical but it is all about the money - follow the money and you will have your answer. Federal agents, when deployed right, can be effective revenue generators for the government. Maintaining roads, on the other hand, will not generate revenue. I moved to Socal from the PNW a couple of years ago and I have seen the future. Agents everywhere collecting money in any way possible. It is difficult to hike or even drive without being accosted by an armed agent. My wife was recently issued a citation for "stand up paddling without a permit".
  5. Liberty Ridge Advice?

    I did it in July 2010 with two great friends. My only advice would be go as light as possible. Spend the money to get the lightest possible gear and go without anything you don't absolutely need. You should be able to get under 30 lbs - it is a carry over after all. My setup was one venom, one aztarex, and spinner leashes - and I wouldn't have done it any other way. Good for you on hiring a guide. I always learn something new when I go with a guide.
  6. Nice Effort KKK, Keep in mind that Reggie Jackson had the most strikeouts of all time.
  7. Petzl Aztarex

    2011 model. Used for one alpine climb. $250 for both.
  8. FS - Grivel Alp Wings

    New Picks. Pinky Guards and Leashes included. $250 for both.
  9. FS - Grivel Alp Wings

    These are sold.
  10. Bad experience at Feathered Friends

    I bought a zero degree bag from David at feathered friends on Monday and found him to be very helpful and a great retail professional. Now, if La Nina would just cooperate so that I can get a chance to use it........
  11. Stolen!!! Climbing Gear

    My House was burglarized and everything was taken, including 2 cars, appliances, jewelry, electronics, and all of my wife's and my climbing/skiing gear. Here are some highlights - If you see these for sale they might be stolen. Pair of Petzl Nomics Pair of Petzl Aztarexes Pair of BD Venoms Prior Splitboard 12 Ice Screws Set of BD Cams Arcteryx Packs - Bora 80, Needle 65, Needle 55 2 Petzl Meteor Helmets 2 Petzl Cyborg Crampon sets And much, much more Could you let me know if you see any of this merchandise so I could alert the police? Thanks
  12. Lost ice tool on Emmons

    Hi , My Aztarex ice tool fell off of my pack between 11,000' and 12'000' on the Emmons glacier on Sunday July 25. $$ for your trouble if you carried it down. Thanks!
  13. first ascent [TR] Assassin Spire - NW Face (IV, WI4+) FA

    Nice work guys. Oyvind and I and a couple of others were attempting Colfax peak via Thunder glacier on Saturday and we were watching your efforts the whole day. Very good job.
  14. From 2005. Will include climbing skins.
  15. Cool. Shoot - Just unmounted them but I'll pay for remounting to your boots - I think about $25.
  16. Nice Job Shannon and team! Richard
  17. The K2 Shuksans are 181 cm. No problems but >100 days on them. The Dynafit Bindings are Comfort 2. Skins are Black Diamond Ascention. Just touched up the glue. Mounted for Size 14 ski boots. I'd sell them for $350 obo so I can buy new bindings, otherwise I'll put the old bindings on my new skis. Here is a picture from last Sunday.
  18. Trade Petzl Nomic Picks

    Hi, I bought a new pair of Petzl Nomics. They came with the Astro picks, which are for mixed climbing I want the Cascade picks, which are for ice climbing. Anyone want to trade new Astros for new or used Cascades? Or does anyone want to buy some new Astros?
  19. FS: Brand New Scarpa Freney XT GTX size 48

    Yes, I'm an avid climber/skier with size 14 us/size 48 eur. My favorite boots right now are the scarpa triolet for alpine, the scarpa matrix for alpine touring. I'm tolerating Koflac Degree's for ice right now. I'd like to try your boots if they don't work for you. Thanks
  20. FS: Brand New Scarpa Freney XT GTX size 48

    I'd like to try them on if possible. Where are you at?
  21. Rainier Seracs?

    RoklzGud....In my opinion no. I cragged a few days last year on the lower nisqually (only becuase the road to the coleman was closed all summer). The nisqually is abysmal now - 7-8 years ago it was ok. Also, I would not recommend a 4 hour hike up to the Lower Ingraham to be lowered into a crevasse. If you want to be lowered into a crevasse, the Easton can be reached in half the hike. I've spent many days cragging on the Coleman and it is the best place I know in the summer for ease of access. But shhhh....keep it quiet, ok?
  22. Rainier Seracs?

    Interesting. Can you tell me where you think there is some good Seracing on Mt Rainier that is accesible for a day trip? That would be great. Thanks!
  23. [TR] Silverton Sickle?, Hall Peak 12.13.2009

    Good Job and thanks for getting the word out. Zee and I climbed Silverton Sickle on Saturday. Zee is an ice-climbing animal! Zee, I propose naming that new climb that you led D. Zaster! I went back up there again on Sunday with another partner and got another one of the lines in the cirque higher up from SS. It's all WI3. We saw your tracks in the fresh snow on the way out. How did you like the trail on the way out?