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  1. I met someone at White Pass last weekend who had come to climb Glacier Peak. He turned back at Glacier Gap but lost his camera while there. I don't have the camera but met someone on my way out who found it and have some info about how to get in touch with them. I'm pretty sure the camera belongs to Chuck Craig, who was climbing with Jim Savage (I know his partner was named Jim, and I pulled those names out of the trail register). If you know either of them, or are either of them, PM me and I'll share what I know about how to get your camera back.
  2. There was some on the snow just west (be feet) of the trail up the railroad grade moraine. I didn't see any above that, and none on the glaciers themselves last weekend.
  3. Yesterday (5/24) afternoon while descending the Easton glacier route on Baker, my partner lost an ice axe, likely falling off her pack after being improperly secured. It's a 65cm BD raven pro, about 9 years old, with considerable wear on it. It doesn't have any identifiable markings. It's likely location is around 6500 feet, just below the first small crevasses and above some of the spots where people are camping, and will be along the boot pack heading up the glacier. Please let me know if it's found. Thanks.
  4. I'm selling my Black Diamond Mega Bug Tent, seen here. It was purchased in 2014 and has been used about 30 nights, so it's still in good shape. Note this is only the bug tent, not the megalight or megamid, which is the stand-alone fly that complements this tent to make a complete set. The center pole has never been used, and I will include a trekking pole converter (you can substitute your trekking poles for the center pole with this). It retails for $289, I'm looking for $200 OBO.
  5. Is it possible your shoe fell out in Colorado instead? If so, think I might have found your shoe. It was in a bivy cave in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  6. I climbed outer space on wednesday and found some stuck cams and nuts that I was able to get out. I extracted on the 5.9 traverse pitch a #.4 camelot with a climbx nut tool stuck in the trigger (handy, I needed two nut tools to get the cam out), and then later, on the traverse portion, a #1 that was pretty easy to get out. On the bottom of the 5.7 portion of the first pitch of the headwall crack, I got out a pretty badly stuck red c3 and a golden BD nut (#7?). Some of them had carabiners still on, so maybe people bailed off them? If you think these might be yours and can tell me what kind of gear markings they had, I'll return them. My partner was unable to retrieve my yellow c4 from the bottom of the final pitch. I placed the piece in a pin scar one move off library ledge, and I bet it'll actually come out. If you can get it out, please let me know as I'd like it back. Beer or other rewards will be forthcoming.
  7. Still looking for someone... Confirmed date of June 26th.
  8. Hey folks, I'm looking to hire an experienced wilderness medicine instructor for a 1 day, custom course in the Port Angeles, WA area on or around the 26th of June. There will be 6 high school age students and I am looking for someone who can create a highly interactive and engaging experience. Because it is only one day, my goal is something like a WFA-lite curriculum, the particulars of which cab be sorted out later. If you (or someone you know of) might be interested, send me a PM with your contact info and I'll be in touch.
  9. I'm selling BD C4 cams sizes .75, 1, and 2. They have been placed literally only once or twice and are the current model. The anodization on the cam lobes is virtually unblemished. They retail for $60, so lets see if anyone wants them for $45 a piece. I'll ship them anywhere in the US for $50 each or $140 for all three.
  10. @ Alpinisto: They are size 43, so about 10 US. If they'll fit, they are yours. I've climbed ice in them before, and while they aren't amazing, they'll certainly do the trick for a beginner. @ JimmyJames: I'm happy to give you several of the axes, but if there are other folks who are also interested for their own use, I'd prefer to spread the love. @ Ben B: Send me a PM with your contact details so we can make the necessary arrangements. @ rloeh: yeah, I'm ok with that. Would you do $10 per kit? The old stoves are also good for replacement parts, since they can be fully dissembled, so you could just take the stove/repair kit combo for $10 each. Let me know.
  11. Jim, I would be happy to, as long as you aren't planning to sell them.
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