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  1. Just moved to bend and looking to get out almost anytime. Not much experience leading rock but am looking to start doing so. Can lead belay and clean. Let's get after it??? 4253276026
  2. Anyone want to get out Monday? Was thinking the n ridge of baker, but don't really care just want to get out. Shoot me a text if you're down or have an idea. 4253276026
  3. Leaving from Olympia Saturday night, hiking out Monday evening. Looking to get out on triple couloir one of the days. Who's down? Let's get out there ! 425-327-6026
  4. Maybe a hike? Mount Si could be a good central location. Let me know!
  5. Hey nice to hear from you guys. I still have no set plans for Denali so we still have a lot of options, but we need to move fast in order to get permits and logistics set. Lets get the three of us together this weekend for a beer or coffee and talk about potential plans and goals. Where are you guys located?
  6. Howdy, I'm a 22 year old former WSU student living in Olympia. I'm in the early stages of looking for partners for a 2017 Denali trip. I was on the west buttress this past summer with a team I met on cascade climbers. We had a great time and I'm really looking forward to getting back! Ideally my partners will have unguided experience on Rainier and the ability to move for long periods of time. I'm looking to assemble a very strong, fit team. Most importantly, however, I'm looking for a team that can have a good time together for over 3 weeks on the mountain! If you're interested please feel free to PM, email, or text me. Let's grab a beer and get out there! anthonyawhite28@gmail.com 425-327-6026
  7. Are you guys still looking for partners?
  8. I'm down for a Saturday- Sunday climb on the DC?
  9. I sent a PM a couple days ago. Am still interested.
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