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  1. I heard it is possible to do a snow-free downclimb of Stuart via the Sherpa glacier route. I've done it in May and it was steep. Does anyone have experiences doing this downclimb in late season?
  2. bringing whiskey definetly brings more colors to those kinds of trips great job!
  3. fock no! I killed it with vodka!
  4. We have a simple reason to fight: Pravoslavie (in tranlation - Glorifying the Truth)
  5. Now you like slow sex? I bet you wanna know, Oleg, but keep reality and your fantasies apart . I always normalize the reality with my fantasies, Nastia
  6. I love the look of this virgin rock
  7. [TR] El Cap - The nose 9/22/2013

    fuck, what a life! I need a minivan too
  8. What are the hopes and plans of life at best, But faint and trifling dreams that fade? M. Lermontov, "Demon"
  9. I must be priceless then. We should admit, we never fully recover from our little tragedies
  10. wow, the most broken glacier I have ever seen!
  11. Hey Jason, old memories don't die I remember having hard times keeping up with you!
  12. The NR of Stuart is the most populated bivy place. It is like a city of climbers!
  13. Hey Matt, I always wanted to read this book - will do tonight!!! Soljenicin is always fun when it comes to describing suffer
  14. looks like a romantic outing I am jealous like a dog. share
  15. Strong work, Jason. Pix look amazing!
  16. [TR] Prusik Peak - Stanley/Burgner 9/14/2013

    the rock looks outstanding!
  17. I don't think we did Gorbachov wanted a summer house in Pasadena, so he went soft on you guys
  18. Yep, Russians pagans say: "Mountain was impending us"
  19. [TR] Dragontail - Le Serpent 8/31/2013

    Very nice work! Aaron and I were worried about you guys! We were ready to go and rescue you!