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  1. The Alpinist's Alphabet poster...

    Carabiner offwidth offwidth lieback!
  2. fixed line cut by psycho; i coulda died

    We ran into this kind of nasty business all the time in the wilds of Borneo during my stint in the SAS. Those little native buggers were fond of all kind of dirty tricks and a careful eye on your surroundings kept you alive( our fondness for the SLR did as well). The birds would usually signal trouble afoot to our headhunter guides. Perhaps setting up some form of recce basha might reveal your antagognist?
  3. Matching your donation to the Index fund

    A modest contribution of $50.
  4. [TR] This is My America!

    Well played young man. A prudent retreat in the face of overwhelming difficulties is the mark of a sensible climber.
  5. Snow creek wall?

    Thank you young man, your kindness is a reflection those halcion days when this great game was a gentlemen's pursuit. With most fond regards, ~Winchester
  6. Snow creek wall?

    I spoke to a dear friend in the employ of the Forest Service who informed me that Midnight Rock is indeed closed for now, pending the successful pairing of the Falco peregrinus. Snow Creek Wall is open for now, the birds were spotted winging about near the north end of the wall suggesting that they are in the April Fools or Easter tower area. All this takes me back to my time in the employ of the Sultan of Ryddah of the Al Zahrani teaching the queens english to his son, Prince Fahim. Quas, the arab sport of falconry, is a tradition beyond the years and the Sultan kept a pair of fine birds. One day the female of the pair spotted the Sultan's fat siamese cat and the poor feline did not stand a chance of escape. Fortunately the cat's considerable girth kept both firmly on terra firma as the falcon could not lift the rotund feline skyward. Much chaos ensued as both predator and prey, firmly locked together, tore through the palace in a flurry of feathers and fur. The cat managed to escape only after running under the Sultan's bed. Extracting the siamese from under said bed is another story best left for another time. [img:left]http://www.hrc.utexas.edu/exhibitions/web/ddd/includes/images/475/395.jpg[/img]
  7. Investment ideas thread

    I invest in oil exploration, weapons manufacturing, health care and financial services, but I'm backing out of that last one. I've done quite well in these areas, making a rate of return well above the market's average, despite these tough times. I don't invest in good intentions, I invest in what pays.
  8. Save Red Rocks from Development

    Good god! Have these monsters no shame? With the housing prices in the loo, this is hard to believe! Sign the petition man, sign!
  9. Bouldering in the icicle or other places

    Respectfully, this is why smoking a pipe promotes a sense of well being and health whilst taking in the sights. If one finds yourself faltering and in need of rejuvenation,a vigorous coupling with a hearty lass has many of the same curative qualities. Regular practice of both keeps the heart full of vitality and good humor. Sage advice for more than one sulking boor in these parts.
  10. Rating/Name of route on boulder near GNS

    I've never been fond of shoulder stands, but it felt like HVS.
  11. [TR] El Potrero Chico - 3/29/2010

    Brilliant, what a grand adventure! I recall an expedition to search for the lost treasure of the Sierra Madre in 1951. Lost for 43 days and near death, we stumbled onto what is now known as El Potrero Chico. A 7 year old sheep herder's son was kind enough to share a bit of food and water, saving us from near certain death. Edmund Hause, the son of the duke of Leeds, was so grateful he christened the towering heights Crag Homero in honor of the charitable young lad. We rested in the shade of those majestic ramparts for three weeks until our strength returned. Our party carried forth on to the warm azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico where we sought passage home on a tramper loaded with cotton, bound for Morocco. Unfortunately the duke's son wad killed by Azeem, the ship's swarthy Egyptian cook, after being accused of cheating in a game of hearts.

    You colonials must be barmy to worry about every bit of celestrial rubbish or some minor rumbler, buck up man!
  13. Shiny new bolt on Castle Rock

    The companionship of a faithful hound outweighs many of a man's other reationships. Condolences nary soothe the loss, even after the passage of the years.
  14. [TR] Great-horned Owl, Enchanments- zipperhead 8/7/2004

    A little of mother's love and a bit of the strong stuff and you'll be right as rain!