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  1. Glassgowkiss...

    Yo, Harpell. Calm down ACE, you sound as amped up whiny bitch who can't construct reasoned argument. Try read what is written rather than read what you want to hear, Ace. Rudy, I kick you fat ass all over mountain. Anyone else want some?
  2. funny shit

    FOAD, poofter boy.
  3. G-Spotter is way slackin

    He is weak sauce wankster. Doneky punch clownshow.
  4. Googling Yourself

    Pandora, little hint hunny bun. The top of you brazilian needs to be a little lower, you are peakin out top of your thong.
  5. Googling Yourself

    You ain't sendin' no Black Lung, yak ridin' foo.
  6. Need housing Leavenworth area

    Hello donkeypunch. You move to Chamonix instead. There no hard climbings route in worth-leavin. Oh, but you climb nancy boy level anyway so leavenworthless is for you puffster. Mos Chily, you say "polish clownpunch" to Black Bart next time you see ok.
  7. Hey, Pax!

    Porno? WTF David dipshit? You need to get out more.
  8. truck topper security

    Pit Bull in back. Work well for me.
  9. The Booty Bill

    I thought this thread was going to show your receipt from the hooker.
  10. Hard Core Climber Chick wanting a Date

    My hair ain't what I lookin' to have blown.
  11. wa and bc is full of asshole drivers

    And Bellingham is full of dumb fucking Pollacks. Did you have a point jerky, or just enjoy running you shit-breath mouth? It's ok, we already know you are barely one step above poo-flinging monkey in cage. Oops, look at the time! Stupid Pollack Bob, I believe you 9:30 appointment for rub n tug is here. Run along now and be a good boy. Mr. 9:30 will tip well if you don't yank out pube while you give him happy finish to "Polish deep tissue massage". Don't like the roads, ride the bus "deepshit".
  12. Qualifications

    All you pickle puffer ring muscles qualify for award as chief crotch sniffer. Windshit blah blah, listen to me spew out turds from my mouth like link sausage in cheap diner. You nancy boy armchair mountainurs need to grow your pea size testicle and stop spouting you gear store BS and your light and fast 12 hour speed ascent of Das Toofer. Wanks.
  13. i am a complete dolt said (d)winer, so am i said p

    This I can not say better myself. So I say "WHAT HE SAID!"
  14. the latest in possible route names

    Kofi Anonymous Montreal Exposed
  15. Official 2nd Annual Smith Tuft Love Fest thread

    Are you threatening me? I AM THE GREAT BUNGHOLIO!!! You will give me TP!