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  1. Just moved here

    Hey, I am not quite a lead climber yet, I am taking a lead climbing course this year, and have good experience with glacier climbing. If you would like to go out for a conditioning hike, or hit the gym, let me know. I too need to expand my climbing community. PM me if you want.
  2. Though I regretfully didn’t stick around for the pushups or the draining of the keg, had an enjoyable time, it was nice to meet some of you folks, and to prove that I really do exist, and am not a dru invention.
  3. Cheap Rack

    Thank you all for your great advice!
  4. Cheap Rack

    Hmmm, yes my rack consists of a few quick draws, a tri cam, a camalot (I don't know what size), biners, belay device, etc. a couple of slings. The rope is a hand-me-down (never used before me) 9mm X 45 m.
  5. Cheap Rack

    I was just kidding about the water filter, stove, tent! But that is a good point about buying too much. Thanks for the advice about not needing to have all the group gear.
  6. Cheap Rack

    Been there, done that. Now I need to get a stove and a water filter. But at least I had the common sense to buy my own tent. In any case, thanks for the gear advice!
  7. Cheap Rack

    I ASKED FOR GEAR ADVICE. NOT A DATE. Because I'm a girl, you think I want you? I was referring to your Midol comment.
  8. Cheap Rack

    Whew, you guys got a way with the ladies.
  9. Cheap Rack

    Basically, I have everything except cams, nuts, hexes, and a rock rope.
  10. Cheap Rack

    Who is checking my resume? DeChristo goes and checks my profile and makes some incomprehensible remark instead of simply answering my question in a spirit of helpfulness and maturity. Reason why I post so rarely to CC.com: every time I get on here, I get my ass chewed. I am a new rock climber (I have a couple seasons of glacier climbing in), however, I was not born yesterday. I know you get what you pay for. What I am trying to ask is...where can I get some good deals, what kind of pro is best for newbies, etc. Is that too much to ask?
  11. Cheap Rack

    Post deleted by peakbetty
  12. Cheap Rack

    I am taking a crag course and would love to get some advice on putting together a light/good quality/cheap rack, however that can be done. Thanks!
  13. Summit Food

    And then there are the infinite possible variations on quesadillas. Black bean and cheddar. Chicken and monterey jack. Salami and mozzarella. A guy I know made chicken, red pepper, red onion, bacon, and jack. Trader Joes also sells really good smoked whole chicken breast in the lunchmeat section. I am thinking of trying chicken, pesto and mozzarella this weekend. They're good because they don't smash in your pack like a sandwich.
  14. Baggin' and Taggin'

    When one or more of your party isn't going to make it to the summit for whatever reason, and you anchor them to the side of the mountain in a sleeping bag and go for the summit with the remainder of the party.
  15. Baggin' and Taggin'

    Another stupid question--What's the big deal about "bagging and tagging?"