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    I think 5 yrs. Sale pending on them. crampons sold.

    Added mittens. Sold sabertooth crampons. Bionic crampons still available.
  3. WTB: Need Gear for Denali

    I have expedition mitts. $30. Large black mountain hardwear.

    EXTRA CLIMBING GEAR YARD SALE! Shipping is $5/item except $9/crampons in the USA. Email me at joshuatreerunner at gmail dot com. Kind regards, david PHOTOS HERE OF ALL GEAR: https://picasaweb.google.com/107506041030410349658/YardSale?authkey=Gv1sRgCKjW5Y6ppdzXIg# Guide books (Eastern Sierra Ice Climbing, Joshua Tree, Rainier, Canada, others), $12-15 each Sold-Black Diamond Bionic Ice Climbing Crampons , $125 (new, rare, retails $159 with tag still on box, girlfriend never used them) Patagonia Atom Climbing Bag, $35 Black Diamond Expedition-Weight Absolute Mitten, small, never used, $60 ($30 each) SOLD: Black Diamond Sabertooth Pro Ice Climbing Crampons(used, pair), $59
  5. Pack+Helmet+ other stuff

    Silvretta bindings sold. GPS sold.
  6. Pack+Helmet+ other stuff

    Added GPS. Prices reduced!
  7. Pack+Helmet+ other stuff

    FOR SALE BIG PHOTOS here -> http://picasaweb.google.com/107506041030410349658/GearForSale?authkey=Gv1sRgCNDbiKGtlKLu4AE# $50 UVEX ski helmet, size medium (fits average size heads). Hard to find. SOLD $200 (down from $250) Silvretta 500 Alpine Ski Touring binding for use with a welted mountaineering boot or an AT boot. Everything operational. Length and DIN settings are adjustable. This is a good deal. Updated photo posted. $40 (down from $55) Patagonia Atom pack (super clean). SOLD $200 Garmin 60CSx color GPS. Just added. All gear used but in good operational condition. Can ship anywhere in US. Will accept cash if you pick up the gear in LA (Azusa). Paypal accepted too. Shipping is $5 (brown pack), $10 (helmet, bindings). Email me at joshuatreerunner -at- gmail -dot- com. Kind regards, David
  8. SOLD

    Everything sold
  9. SOLD

    Everything sold.
  10. seeking liberty ridge climbing partners

    Hi Ed Thanks for the reply! Sorry i did not get back to you sooner, but i was out backcountry skiing with patty... the sierra is getting great snow this year. so, that would be great if youre interested in climbing lib ridge! you mentioned ptarmigan ridge. i am also interested in ptarmigan ridge but would rather tackle liberty before ptarmigan. also, do you prefer climbing as a 2 person team or do you prefer 3 people? i think 3 is better than 2 for crevasse safety reasons, but i would be okay with a 2 person team if you feel strongly... so long as we discuss and dial-in the self-arrest+anchoring situation. fyi, i am outta work right now so my schedule is quite flexible but if i get a FT job, then i would likely (but not necessarily) have to cancel plans. lets talk to on the phone to see if our interests align... kind regards, david valdes 626-437-8690
  11. seeking liberty ridge climbing partners

    thanks for the reply... lemme shoot you a msg...
  12. Looking to join a team to tick off Libridge this year... I almost climbed it a few yrs back. I have climbed rainier like 5 times (DC/Kautz/Emmons) and have attempted winter climbs of it (Gib Chute). Very safety minded and have great crevasse rescue skills. I can lead easy ice. I climb / backcountry ski/ rock climb mostly in the sierra. Have climbed mt baker and mt blanc. See my profile. I have climbed with some guys on this board too. Been climbing since 2001. Ideally we could shoot for a date in late April or early May then i could go up to seattle for a week to do it. Maybe we could do a conditioner hike up the Muir snowfield to get acquainted??? cheers david click here for some of my climbing pics
  13. climbing gear for sale: DMM + FIVE TEN

    SOLD DMM HARNESS. climbing shoes still available at lower price.
  14. cleaning out the garage.... SOLD DMM Maverick Harness size large for 34"+ waist (used one day only in Utah, just too big for me). Hard-to-find and made in Wales UK (not China like other brands) so you know this gear is made by climbers for climbers. $60 shipped. retail $115. imported not available in USA. Five Ten Copperhead climbing shoes size 11.5 (tad too small for me). $50 shipped. open to offers. see link for photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/joshuatreerunner/ForSale#
  15. [TR] Mt. Rainier - Gib Chute 4/21/2009

    Sweet. Congrats. The chute is on my list.