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  1. baby front carrier

    In the near future your going to need to buy my Chariot. Ski,bike, and jogger attachments. the price is nuts, but what a swanky machine. PM if interested. I like the bijorn becuase you can keep a eye on them, or just a ring sling they both fit under coats
  2. The Circus Comes to Exit 32

    which guys left with the girl? and got you so pissed off?
  3. Marking With Tape

    Did they flag the approach as well? the chain link is way better then slide alder for flaging. But have you seen the library, all the books have funny codes on them? and they are in some kind of order?
  4. I 90 bridge project sno pass

    The ecological benefits associated with the I-90 Gold Creek crossing structures would not be fully realized unless this bridge is removed or replaced to allow channel migration and terrestrial species movement. The word "remove" word is a little troubleing, and "replaced" with what,I hope they are not thinking 16 mi of log road from cabin creek Gold Creek Valley went out of my radar for a few years, but is now back in. Because of my little one, she realley likes the pond trail and the lake. As far as I know the valley is one of the only flat walks on the pass. Weekend parking on frontage rd (FSR 4832)might really suck in the winter if its nice out. I made a few trips to cabin creek and crystal springs over the past winter and it seems a lot of work has been done to develope the areas, with snow park $$. But they really don't have the alpine nature of Gold creek valley If the WSDOT wants to takes out the current access, I feel that improved access would be better than no access. If you get the chance, And want to see a pretty nice spot, with the family, the Grandparents and the dogs. for a super casual day head to Gold Creek Pond. And if after going there, think about the State and the Feds wiping out the road and the bridge? The park parking lot is under snow till about mid june this year and takes about a 20 min road walk to get in. Check it out. Its also a good spot to take city girls for picknicks.
  5. I 90 bridge project sno pass

    The Dot is not being to clear on the plans for FS Road 4832 or the bridge that crosses Gold Creek. This is the road that acsesses, Gold creek pond (the only barrier free park on the pass), Mt Margret trail head and provides Sled and snow parking in the winter. As info becomes more avalable I'll post here. It may become important to secure acsess off I 90 to this area. Here is section of the enviromental impact statement,EIS . In addition to our general concern stated above, we are specifically concerned about some comments in Appendix W to WSDOT’s Final Environmental Impact Statement for their I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project. Appendix W is titled “US Forest Service Consistency Determination Support Information”. On page 1 of 15 of Attachment D to this appendix, under the heading “Recommended Restoration Measures at Gold Creek” is the following: Description Status Application or Explanation Remove or replace the Gold Creek bridge on Forest Service Road 4832. The ecological benefits associated with the I-90 Gold Creek crossing structures would not be fully realized unless this bridge is removed or replaced to allow channel migration and terrestrial species movement. WSDOT is working with The USFS to help facilitate this. Standard Partially Met WSDOT does not manage FSR 4832, and removing the bridge will be a USFS restoration action. WSDOT is working with the USFS to aid the bridge removal by incorporating the analysis to support the USFS’s action in the project’s NEPA and ESA documents as an inter-related, inter-dependent cumulative effect. Might be time to send a few letters
  6. Kids Ski Pulk (Sled)

    just took my Chariot on a spin up hyak over to grand juction and back down silver fir.may be a 55 lb load with all the crap we bring(Friday in the sun, and down after the lifts closed) Got a bit of fish tail on the down hill grooomer run. the little one was straped in and wearing a helmet. I have had head banging in ruts so she mostly wears her helmet in the sled. the main concern with the Pulk is the lack of suspention over the bumps in the snow. That was our longest tour yet. than we had to go to ski acers and play on the magic carpet for a few hours. If grams did not send the toy, we would just modify a pastic sled. but it would not even compare. PS What I do with our sled is not recamended by the manufacture, but it makes my kid laugh,
  7. Kids in the Outdoors - PICS

    And in just a minute maybe Dad gets a peice of cheese
  8. Amer Alpine Club Harms Climbers

    Camping at the gunks is what I did as a teenager, and got to find out about all these other parts of the country. Beat the hell out of sitting in the burbs . Everyone knows if you want to party go into new paltz
  9. Releasable tele bindings

    I like my 7tm, first season lift sevice on them after years with trp plates/r8 cobras. but almost every day has been a pow day so far,So i would be happy with anything.Except snow under my toes
  10. ski.ski.ski. powder is not always powder, sometimes it's crust, and sometimes it's like potatoes,Iv'e heard some say if you can ski ice.....ski ski ski . if you start on crappy gear when you get on what you pay for you'll really like it
  11. short, kid friendly, little snow walk. big 4 park

    Grams got our little one a chariot for X mass! that thing is way over the top, I've used it a few times touring, on smooth snow it works really well, it sorta wanted to fall over in brakable crust. So we decided it was time for a picnic. I'm just happy to get the famly out on the nice days. Have fun. I'll have to check out big 4 this year. thanks for the hint
  12. Does this look safe?

    But can you pull your rope through the rest of the bushes, with out damaging the established anchor?
  13. looking for an idea of where to tour tomorrow

    I think I would ride the lift at baker for the Afternoon session,(much new snow)or just head back home. Sorry but your end of town blows doors off NW washington,
  14. I know this thread is already over. But if there isen't someperson around with a crash pad to ask direction, and you can't find the start, and its not bolted to all hell, and its cold enough to ski. It should be concidered a FA, So make sure you let the Author know before your name gets miss splelld
  15. starting a kid skiing

    My wife says, "Get your turns in before you take the kids out, or you'll get all pissed off, helping them into thier gear" We all ski, because cause its cooler than boarding, and you can walk in skis