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  1. [TR] Del Campo - Southeast Buttress 1/7/2010

    How far up the road could you drive?
  2. Kids Ski Pulk (Sled)

    Well, actually getting the sled to track well can be solved with some of the ideas on skipulk.com. I'm having real issues with building a suitable enclosure. I used irrigation tubing to build a frame for the raincover for a BOB stroller to sit on top of. Unfortunatly its not long enough and wind/snow can get in really easily. I need a way to seal the little one off better from the elements. Also, I'm using a crazy creek type chair. That dosn't work very well. Any other ideas? I am thinking of a sea kayaking type backrest and just closed cell foam on the floor of the sled.
  3. Kids Ski Pulk (Sled)

    Anyone have pictures of a homebuilt pulka to pull kids behind you when you ski? I have some plans from skipulk.com and have made a basic sled that works OK but has limited control on hills and I can't really figure out some good ways to rig a seat and an enclosure/windshield. Anyone have pics to share? Or...a professional one to sell (Kindershuttle etc)?
  4. 189 Fischer Boundless Crown Waxless Telemark/Touring Skis + Voile 3 Pin bindings with removable cables. I've skied these maybe 5 times. At 175lbs and 5'11 I am just a bit too light for this length of these skis. I'm going to drop down a size for the next set. The skis tour well and turn better than most touring skis. They rock in spring corn. Light & fast for long tours in the Mtns. Super light and fast with the waxless pattern base. I ski them with old T3s. New the skis are $335. These aren't this year's model though. These are about 2 season old. New the bindings are $80. $200 OBO.
  5. 2 Charlet Moser Atzar tools - 1 hammer and 1 Adze. Used only 3 times over the past 2 years. Pretty much in new condition except I tried to modify the leashes so you may want to replace those. The picks aren't even scratched. These things rock in steep alpine ice (N. Ridge of Baker, Liberty Ridge) and work well on vertical water ice. Can't say they'd be all that good at really gnarly mixed routes. $300 for the pair Alpinst Mag review 'em and loved 'em. http://www.alpinist.com/doc/web05-06/ms-charlet-moser-atzar I have a new project now - a 2 year old daughter - so I don't have enough time to climb ice these days... Grab these and go get some of that ice out there there now
  6. I have a pair of Atzars (hammer and adze) that I've only used 2 times on a trip to Norway. I'll let 'em go for $320 (~$400 new). They're almost new looking. The tools and I are based in Seattle. I can show 'em on Sunday.
  7. [TR] Couloir above twin lakes - 12/7/2006

    Where did you guys start your approach from - Hayak? or did you come in through Annette Lake/Olallie?
  8. FS: Atomic MX:7 w/ G3 Targa $200

    No takers? Price now $150... OBO.
  9. FS: Atomic MX:7 w/ G3 Targa $200

    Ok... price reduced to $200
  10. I have a pair of Atomic MX7s size 177 mounted with G3 Targa bindings. The skis have never been used - I mounted the tele bindings on an inpulse but stuck with my dynafits. The G3s have been used on a different pair of skis but have very little wear. Climbing bails included. I believe the bindings have the standard setup. Great for beginning Tele skiers. Here's an online review of the ski: http://www.atskis.com/html/rvw_atomic_mx7.html
  11. Got a Marmot Alpinist size Large for sale for $50. 2-3ply Goretex. Good for A/T, Ice whatever. Totally waterproof and in good shape.
  12. Got some large size BD Rigid switchblades for sale. Would be fine for WI this winter. Wouldn't recommend them for mountaineering use though. They'd fit some larger boots - like size 11 and up. $20 FIRM.
  13. Idaho Ice?

    Cool. I guess I'll stick with the unpredictable WA areas or go for the full drive to Gib wall or into Montana/Alberta.