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  1. wedged in a tapering slot of ice...cold, very cold...with each breath, each contraction of the chest, I sink deeper, tigher, into the constriction....
  2. [TR] Spickard, Red Face - 10/6/2009

    Very inspiring! Looks like a great outing. Got any descriptive text to go with those incredible pics?
  3. 9

    It's 9:09 09/09/09!!
  4. tips for alpine newbies

    This is a great one. How about Take enough emergency gear to survive an unplanned bivy, not enough to make it comfortable. Scope out complicated routes from a distance and memorize key landmarks. When hiking steep slippery terrain, like ball bearings or talus, the goal should be that you will not slide uncontrollably. Short contolled slides are acceptable. Many newbies seem to need to make sure that they will have perfect control with each step. That wastes energy (and nerves). That said, do everything you can to avoid creating rockfall.
  5. all ropedrag is relative
  6. Colin Powell letter rebuffs Bush plan

    direct quote from first paragraph of article: "[...] terrorists gained a powerful ally -- the president's former secretary of state."
  7. Tooth Count

    If by spray worthy you mean sucky, chossy, crowded and altogether lame then i have to agree with you. Nice winter pic, that would add some excitement to it. There hasnt been any crowds up there when I was there and the rock is very solid. If cman was there I think it would start feeling like an unpleasantly corwded place in no time! right on cracked haters suck
  8. West Ridge of Stuart

    so many replies so little information
  9. Fat people on airplanes

    they should make people with screaming babys pay extra, or at least make them buy me a drink!
  10. Meth Labs around Mt. Si

    like ammonia?
  11. legal question guns dogs

    I assuming you mean illegal unless you or another are actually threatened? What constitutes "threatened"? Is it easier to show threatened if the dog is a pit bull?
  12. legal question guns dogs

    Is it illegal to kill a neighbors dog? If so, what is the penalty? Is it a felony? What if you shoot the dog in the city limits? Is shooting a gun in the city a felony? Can they take your gun away? How about if you use just rock salt?
  13. TR: not smokin weed but lookin like i do

    I love bud. Hope I never grow up into a old pervo like trask. Maybe if you smoked more Trask youd mellow out a bit trask and not be such a jerk. Lite(n) up!
  14. Rating Questions

    no Have you ever placed a screw leading on steep ice?
  15. Resist the new Rome by Osama bin Laden

    substantial change in the lives of there survivors. Read or die!