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  1. Not fun. Can be used for approaching a climb, but do yourself a favor and get a real ski boot.
  2. Note moss in photo...
  3. 80-88 is plenty, don't believe the hype. Ilookeddown has some good advice, don't forget about the boots. Try some skis out if you can, but there are plenty of excellent skis out there. Good time of year to score some good deals. I like K2, Black Diamond and Atomic for backcountry skis, can't really go wrong with these manufacturers.
  4. Snow Goose, EPIC, size regular, excellent condition. PM me with e-mail address and I'll send pics.
  5. Snow Goose -40, Epic fabric, size regular, color black, 3 years old, used once on Denali trip, excellent condition. $350
  6. If travel really is not an issue, I recommend Doug & Jill's classes in Alaska: http://www.alaskaavalanche.com/ These are the authors of Snow Sense, you'll spend an intro evening in the classroom and the rest of the weekend in the field- and you will learn...
  7. They've got a good reputation, but try out Eduardo Agama's gig: http://www.cotopaxi-carasur.com/home_ingles.html He's reliable, and aside from his Cotopaxi South side, he also guides the other volcanoes and/or offers transportation services.
  8. I've got the Exposure, good pack but not the most durable. I have no problem with hitting it when wearing a helmet.
  9. These are used but in very good condition, they retail for $85 a pair...
  10. Mountain Gear has the K4S on sale. Lowa Mtn Expert is also insulated, goretex and stiff enough for glacier work.
  11. They're shrimpy, but in excellent condition! Purple Ascensions with clipfix tail, 70mm wide and plenty sticky.
  12. check out turns-all-year.com or telemarktips.com
  13. Still have them. They're in excellent shape, orange, with the plastic glue protector deal thang, and the stuff sack.
  14. Excellent boot, has a heel bail for crampons. Similar to Garmont Towers. If it fits, go for it.
  15. SOLD Ascension STS 180cm trimmed to fit 106/72/98, Excellent condition $50 360-701-8404
  16. Jonathan: El Altar can be be soggy, but a great goal. There's no hut so you'll probably have the place to yourself. The hassle with El Altar is that you have to go through private property to access it, and they're pretty adamant about not allowing passage without the proper permission. The guide services have this taken care of, and you could probably find out the appropriate channel to do this, but as with most things in Ecuador it helps to have a connection. Look up Eduardo Agama in Quito, or type Cotopaxi Cara Sur in your search engine. He's a veteran independent guide who operates a recently opened climbers hostel/high camp on the South Face, which is a vast improvement over the goat-rope at the hut on the main route. Enjoy Ecuador!
  17. Check out Eduardo Agama's set-up on the South side before the word gets out. It's laid back and muy chevere. I think his website is cotopaxi-carasur; it may have a lot of guided oriented stuff on the site if he hasn't updated it, but you can just chose to take advantage of transportation and cool digs. Fun route, and you can avoid the hut nonsense.
  18. Broken in, not broken down. Waterproofed and used on a couple of hikes up to Camp Muir and an ascent of Mt Adams. 360-701-8404, in Oly.
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