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  1. Set of 4 Q-Towers $60, Basketcase $30
  2. You aint lying wfinley, I spent 4 days on Marcus Baker practicing my shoveling skills. Richard Baranow is a good resource for this mtn, he can usually be reached through AMH.
  3. It's totally do-able, although when we tried last year we pooped out before the summit. You'll spend more time at Muir melting snow than you think- it's a good thing. Rest is the only advantage that the average climber who stays overnight at Muir has over your style, as the body does not undergo any significant acclimitization during such a short stay at 10K. Lots of literature from Hackett, Wilkerson & others if this is a concern. I say have fun and lift a pint when you're back!
  4. Anyone taken their pooch across the border lately? Straight up or hassle?
  5. Mountain Hardwear Trango. The North Face VE-25 has been around forever and you may be able to find a used one. These don't come cheap or light, good luck!
  6. Bang for the buck, just fly to los anchorage and head into the chugach or the talkeetnas (hatcher pass area).
  7. Sorry, don't have a pic but I'd say four seasons of light use (back-up).
  8. Blue version T2's with 2 buckles in good condition $100, Atomic Tourcarve light 177 for $75, Superloops (not mounted)$25. In Olympia 360-701-8404
  9. 2 buckle blue version in very good condition.
  10. Atomic TourCarve Light 177cm, $75. 360-701-8404
  11. Anyone been up either of these Wrangell's and care to share some info?
  12. Is it worth bringing skis to Mt. Adams around July 17th? If so, anyone interested in joining?
  13. Post-op frozen peas and religious use of drops and sunglasses are key. Have taken the new glazzies to Rainier, Ecuador, Denali and Aconcagua since with no problems.
  14. Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Parka red size L $400 in Federal Way/Tacoma. Also have Charlet Quasars for $100/ea., Grivel Rambo's for $75, Voile Telepro shovel for $20.
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