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  1. Thanks Treetoad, I'm actually skeptical about the kevlar myself.
  2. Thinking about getting these boots, let's hear your thoughts.
  3. Spinners? I thought the regs were 'flies only' up there. Anybody try Ingall's Lake?
  4. Nice one, you've motivated me. Always looking for good solo trips since partners aren't always available mid-week when I'm off.
  5. Thinking about going up Baker or Shuksan within the next couple of days, anyone been up either the Easton Glacier or the Sulphide recently?
  6. Thanks guys. Looks like we'll be camping at Ingalls Lake and climbing the west ridge of Stuart and Ingalls Peak. According to the Leavenworth office it's self-register at the trailhead for this side.
  7. Thanks mtngirl. I'm now debating coming in from Ingalls Lake to avoid the whole enchantment scene, any thoughts?
  8. What's the permit process for setting up camp in the Mt. Stuart area and climbing Stuart, Ingalls, Sherpa?
  9. Whidbey, you'd have to re-drill for that to work. It looks like a better fit for Trundlefest, so he's probably got the skis/bindings. I'll let you know if I hear of any similar deals, tis the season...
  10. Post deleted by paramagic
  11. New, XL (sized to fit over a medium/large) $70. Don't get chilly in AK!
  12. Sabretooths, not light- but you can really torque a light pair in tele boots.
  13. I have a dream... where the park service pulls out of KBC I have a dream... where the park service pulls out of 14 camp I have a dream... where fixed pro is no longer maintained on the headwall or elsewhere and people will actually need to have the skills to climb Denali I have a dream...
  14. What, no one headed to the AK range?
  15. K2 Superlight overboots by 40 below size medium (I'm a 9.5) $50, Mountain Hardwear Chugach Pants XL (runs small, sized to fit over) $70. Gregory Robson expedition pack $80. Local only, cash & carry.
  16. As far away from anything regarded as "classic" (crowded)
  17. Sorry freezerburn, just don't need the big load hauler anymore.
  18. I'm set on gear, other than being in the market for a trango tent.
  19. Size medium. Approx 5500cu. This is a pack made for hauling heavy loads.
  20. Any with rain gutters, some others. Check their website with your make/model and it will tell you which ones you need.
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