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  1. Government Shutdown

    Permits are self-issue in winter. Might be able to fill one out at Longmire. Either way, no one to enforce permits if there isn’t a way to self-issue. Best access is probably out of Longmire up the ridge towards Mildred point and into Van Trump.
  2. Who wants to dress up as an ice climber for Halloween with me and climb some lower Coleman Ice on Tuesday? Email if interested: tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  3. Looking for an adventurous day monday in the 5.7-5.8 range, or something alpine fun.. Current partner fell through. Email if interested: Tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  4. I'm open to ideas: WA Pass Vesper Twin Sisters Dragontail Torment-Forbidden Forbidden E ridge or NE Face Stuart W Ridge Mt Index Also snow/ice option: Buckner NF Kautz Open to other suggestions too. I lead 5.7 trad and follow 5.8 Email if interested: tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  5. Regulars are all busy. Looking for partner for Kautz on eclipse day and Tuesday. Email me if interested: tk421@thatcherkelley.com Pertinent experience: 10 rainier summits, triple couloirs, baker north ridge, reid Headwall and a bunch of trad, ice craging
  6. Looking to do Fischer Chimneys on monday 8/7. Wanna do it in a long single day. I'm also open to another long single day climb. email if interested: tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  7. Looking for beta on Adams Glacier. Anyone been there recently?
  8. [TR] Mt Baker - North Ridge 5/29/2017

    Way to get the goods this week. I was on North Ridge last year about the same time and took almost the exact same route as you with the same conditions, except the schrund was buried on the upper ridge save for a quick punch through with a boot. Good to hear Liberty Ridge is in good shape. I'm hoping to get up there in the next week or two.
  9. Looking for partner to ski or climb tomorrow 4/11 Email me: tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  10. Trip: Mount Hood - Reid Glacier Headwall Date: 3/31/2017 Trip Report: Route is in great shape. Low avy risk. We generally followed (with a few variations) the main gullies as described by the green line in the main route photo on summitpost. Randy, and another fellow headed up a right-ward variation, continuing up the entrance couloir instead of cutting over the small ridge to the left after the entrance. We went left wanting to avoid the more committing ice at the top of the headwall, or being forced over to the crater/old chute to the right. A bit of wind as we approached the summit, but once on the false summit it was dead calm. Felt like summer. Snow is pretty firm from Illumination saddle to the bergschrund. Most of the schrund is open, but a couple easy bridges. Above the schrund it's a mix of styrofoam, rime crust over sugar, or just shin-deep sugar, and occasional thick, firm ice. Nothing really protects well, but great feet and manageable sticks on the less steep stuff, and great sticks on the short ice step we encountered. The top 500' was soft, not very supportive snow with a bit of rime on top. It was not fun to traverse on. So start your day early to avoid the soft. Not too much stuff coming down on us. One basketball sized chunk wizzed past us down low, but once you get higher, nothing was bigger than a golf ball, and mostly it was just sugar spray. The old chute is definitely skiable from the summit ridge, or just below. not icy or rimed up. We weren't on skis and just plunge stepped down with about a foot of penetration. Nothing seemed to propagate. We descended skiers right of crater rock and the snow there seemed better than the hogsback left side. Again, snow seemed stable. Most skiers were eventually making their way right to Illumination saddle. A couple skiers followed our tracks down to the right of crater rock. So that seems to be the best way to go if you're skiing. Go get it people. forget the boring southside routes. Maybe a link to photos to follow. Gear Notes: We soloed. So the rope was just training weight. And the pickets and screws on our harnesses were just to make us look cool. I also had a BD #6 cam on my harness to make me look cool. I don't think it worked...
  11. Weather looks nice Thursday-Friday in the mountains. I either want to do a big ski day on St. Helens or something like that. Or get on some alpine ice or steep snow. Maybe NBC or TC out near Colchuck. Email me if interested: tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  12. Weather looks ok enough to get out Thursday. Anyone interested in doing something. Big ski tour day, or couloir, or ice, or whatever really. Let me know if you're interested. I prefer email over PMing: tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  13. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    Anyone gotten a peep at Chair Peak this week? Planning to head up Saturday, but unsure about how in it will be seeing that the temps aren't super cold at the pass.
  14. Looking for a partner for Chair Peak NE Buttress monday. Planning to do a ski approach. PM me and we''ll talk details and experience level. Or email me: tk421@thatcherkelley.com
  15. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    Franklin Falls was in yesterday. Should stay in shape, and/or get better over the weekend with the cold temps.