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  1. Olympus in winter Feb 16-19?

    I'm too late for tomorrow or Tues, but I'd be interested in getting up there sometime this winter. What were you thinking in terms of approach? X-country skis, bc skis (maybe a ski accent)? I'd be interested in hearing more.
  2. gladed turns

    lol, who said it has to be secret? It could be published/public, but not living on the coast, I don't own the book.
  3. gladed turns

    Sorry, should have been clearer, Vancouver BC.
  4. gladed turns

    Hey, I'm trying to sell someone on the benefit of moving coast-ward. Awesome gladed turns would be a big help in my sales pitch. Can anyone recommend some good, well spaced, backcountry trees that are a day trip from Van? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx
  5. skis for coastal snow

    Hey all, Thinking of spending some time skiing on BC Southern Coast and Northern Washington. Coming from the Canadian Rockies where the snow is very little (though scarce) there is a tonne of value in getting skis with a bit of a rocker - is that value there with the damper/heavier coastal snow pack? I'm looking at either coombacks or sidestashes. Cheers
  6. Randonee Skiing Suggestions

    I just bought a new pair of BD Verdicts. I got a set 190s and they were fun for the one day I used them, but they are a bit big for my weight (190 lb). Used once and in immaculate condition - I'd be willings to sell or trade them, if that was of interest? Let me know. If not I'll mount them with normal bindings and just use them for rocketing on the groomers. Cheers
  7. south coast winter climbing

    At least you've got that then, around cow town all we have is an early season snow pack and cold. I'll have to bring my skis.
  8. Hey, Might be heading back to the coast for the new year, any recommendations on some good winter climbs? I'm looking for one/two days from Van by car, willing to go to Washington if that's what's best right now. If not, I'd desperate enough to get up high that'd I'd give aid a shot if anyone's willing to deal with a newbie/belay slave. Has this cold snap done anything to freeze up Shannon Falls? Thanks Sean
  9. ski width

    Thanks all, Saw a couple of great deals on steep and cheap and went with the Shukans for the GF and G3 Barrons for me. Sean
  10. ski width

    Thanks all for your replies. Sounds like buying/renting something in the range of 88-93 is about as good as it will get for an all mountain. I should have been clearer that I'm only interested in backcountry - with an emphasis on turns over touring. In any event the 74mm that I currently have and am looking to replace is probably too narrow. ilooked - I appearicate your concern, but as much as I'm aware you are random strangers on the net, you are also less likley to have a finacial interest in what I buy/rent, I'll listen to all of the random strangers, sales persons and reviews that I can, give each the weight I feel appropriate. Tough to test skis in the area as I live 12 hours away. As for boots I have boots already. Thanks again all
  11. ski width

    Looking at doing some coast mountain sking (around Van, say Pemberton through to Coqui), I'll be comming from Calgary. What waist width are skiers around there using under foot on their "quiver of one" skis? I'm 6"1 and 190lbs and a novice/intermidiate skier. I'm curious about your most versitile ski but I'd generally only go when conditions are decent. Thanks Sean
  12. season length

    Thank's all for your responses. I lived on the NS for years but never backcountry skied, now that I've moved away and have started to ski I learn that the backcountry sking is fantastic out there. One more question - how practical is a split board there for single day outings (or at least outings where the downhill is the goal)? In the rockies I've had to learn to ski (which I'm terrible at) b/c there are so many flat spots, but it doesn't matter b/c avy keeps us off anything steep - on the Coast you seem able to get on the steeper stuff so my ability to snowboard over ski might actually have an effect. Sean
  13. season length

    What is typical back country ski season around Vancouver (say 2hrs driving any direction)? I see great photos of the area but they are always taken in Jan/Feb. Have I missed it for the year? Thanks
  14. I'll be back in Van for a few days over christmas (2 days before and 2 days after) anyone want to head out for a day's climb? Open to suggestions, but I'm thinking of just hitting a local standard. I've never done any aid but I may be talked into some if that's all that's climable at the time. Cheers Sean
  15. alpine ice w/1 day of Van

    Thanks all, that's exactly what I was looking for.