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  1. Your other hobbies...

    No queues here
  2. Usage at CC.com in decline

    Some people shift gears all together. I have become super focused on fly fishing, as much as I was about climbing 28 years ago. Natural shifting in conjunction with the facebook/twitter/instagram thing will have an effect. At least I have one other crossover cc.com'er posting at Washingtonflyfishing.com
  3. new rap station on South Face Jello tower

    Wow...another bolting thread. This is pretty much why I don't really climb OR lurk here anymore, too much bullshit, too many sportos and too many people. Good to see RD, pope, and FF back on the boards I'll stick to fly fishing.
  4. Suspended.

    Looking to sell some old gear that has collector potential and is a hell of an awesome backcountry/adventure bolt kit. I will not part it out and I am firm on the price as I really don't care if I sell but I really need the cash for a new flyrod. If you have a new 3 wt Circa I would consider a trade. Sage Circa. Items are in used but amazing shape. I bought the hammer in 1987 from John Middendorf on my way back home after a summer working at Devils Tower. I bought the Hurricane drill in St George when I worked in Zion. The drill comes with the standard SDS collet and a tapered collet for RAWL bits and other tapered bits. A5 bolt bag is pretty sweet and a nice selection of hangers and Rawl 5 piece bolts. Looking for $600.00 firm and preferred local cash deal. I might be coerced to drive a short distance if there is interest.
  5. Suspended.

    Not numbered that I know of, did he number later versions?
  6. Suspended.

    Thanks, I might do that if it goes slow here, which it might since it is a pretty specialised bit. I would love the cash but it's hard to part with this since it's been a big part of my history. What ever happens will happen Cheers Dave
  7. La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso Machine New in box, got this as a gift and we just don't use it, plus I work for Starbucks and I get all the coffee I need at work ...looking for some funds for a new reel.
  8. Currently a sale is pending. I will make notations of message order in case it falls thru. Thanks for your PM's
  9. Looking to sell all my ironmongery, been too long and I have other interests longing for upgrades. These are some classic pins and some rares, they have seen little use but have been exposed to a moist environment so have acquired some rust and corrosion. BUT, being pitons, that really isnt an issue and I have cleaned them up a bit, still absolutely serviceable and waiting for the next incipient seam or rotten crack. I looked em up and figured an average of 5 bucks a pin. Prefer to sell as a whole set for $300 bucks obo (58 pieces total). Absolutely no shipping, I will gladly deliver to Seattle or any area within a decent distance. If you live far away we can make arrangements. Please send a PM or email me at chirp at eyejuggler dot com Thanks for looking. Pile of iron Fish products, Captain Hook and the smaller version Leeper Z pins and Lost Arrows (DMM versions) Hooks and Beaks (Pika, A5, Black Diamond, FISH) Angles and Blades.
  10. Bump...price reduced by half to $150.00 Please hollar if your interested. NO parting out.
  11. *SALE PENDING* Need to unload these as I have a new flyrod I absolutely "need". These are the latest version and have not been used. I am in Tacoma and will only do face to face, no shipping. chirp at eyejuggler dot com
  12. I am looking for a contact email or something to drop her a question asking about posting one of her cartoons on a post. Does anyone have this or can pass this query on to her? Or does it matter anymore, I just want to respect the copyrights and stuff. Thanks in advance.
  13. Tami Knight contact info or other.

    Sweet! Thanks Steve!
  14. Austin Post, 3/16/22 - 11/12/12

    Thanks for the update and my condolences John. I never met Austin but you got us connected for a brief correspondence, what an amazing fellow with and amazing life.
  15. Theme Photo Post, Post Your Pics

    Art Wiggins, Harvey Miller, and me on the South Face of Paria Point in 1988. This route would go on to become the Lowe/Gnade/Petro route Wind, Sand, and Stars.
  16. Lightening up my rack

    How much do you weigh? How much could you stand to lose.
  17. Get out the vote

  18. True on the corrosion, there were a couple of biners and a stopper in with the pins that were a crusty mess, unusable and gnarly. But the pins look fine, I have clipped many in situ pins that have been in the rock for 30 years or more and look like hell and think little of it Considering the abuse these things take I don't believe a little rust is an issue. Good point though.
  19. "gear to slow you down"

    Son, you're lacking perspective. You asked a question regarding work, then limit your vocabulary to force. The answer to your question is probably no (the scenario you describe is too incomplete to say no definitively). The explanation can be found in previous posts. why? wouldn't a piece failing absorb quite a bit of energy and lessen the force to the next piece? none of you ever do this? I think we all do this instinctively...I know when I place a bad piece and I am sure of that fact, I try to place at least 2 more above as close as possible. It seems like a no brainer.
  20. CC.com parallel universe

    Thanks to Jon for turning me on to this forum to further my flyfishing knowledge. But after lurking around for a few weeks I begin to see some striking similarities. Bolt wars become Bass wars and the cast of characters are pretty much the same. Good times. A taste of the action
  21. We have decided to sell our tandem due to an injury and general need for cash. We are asking 1500. but any realistic offers may be considered. Well loved it and its in great shape, it is a mountain frame set, set up for road, a solid bike that was used for riding centuries. In storage for a long time so a little dusty, I need to retape bars and tweak a few things but otherwise perfect condition. Because my wife and I are different heights we opted to modify a mountain frame set with road components. this bike is solid and fast! Seat tube Front - 50 cm center to top of seat tube. Rear - 43cm to top of seat tube. I might add a few more pics, hollar if you need a specific shot. Thanks for looking! Send a PM or please contact at: chirp at eyejuggler dot com Phil Wood hubs and Bottom Brackets First generation XTR Ritchey Logic cranks Phil Wood BB front and rear Front view