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  1. I dont know. The teaser photo in the magazine looks to display some pretty rugged terrain. Does the Siskiyou hold that style of terrain? I'm not very familiar. Would love to spot this place via G Earth before the airing date.. Judging by the heavy foliage on the teaser photo I doubt that will be possible.
  2. Incredible story. Very inspiring. You guys are a group of badass men.
  3. Mount Rainier (April/May)

    Have you guys set a date yet?
  4. Climbers on Mt Si

    I was up there too. Seemed too wet to enjoy the climb... but to each his own, I guess.
  5. Mt. Rainier Ski Dorm?

    Thanks for the info guys!
  6. Mt. Rainier Ski Dorm?

    Apparently no one else is interested in this?
  7. [TR] Mt Rainier - Gibralter Ledges 12/29/2013

    Good try guys. Hope you get it next time. Great photos though!
  8. Mt. Rainier Ski Dorm?

    I've always wondered. What is the ski dorm being used for up on Rainier? I tried to do some quick research and found that back in the day it was 50 cents to stay the night and that it can house 80 people... but that's all I could find. Cheers
  9. Rainier DC Aug 16 - 18

    PM sent
  10. Rainier (DC) in one day 7/20

    Safe travels
  11. Looking to do the DC next week. Anyone interested?
  12. Thanks for sharing. Was up at Muir this weekend.. May have seen you guys or talked with others from your party who were waiting in the shelter.
  13. Muir tomorrow morning

    Anyone else going to be above 5,000 tomorrow AM?
  14. Partner for Summer Cascade Climbs

    If you are heading to Rainier one of these weekends to train, let me know