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  1. The Big Difference

    DFA-the only thing they got this time were my chains. No big deal it's just the principal of the thing. The first time i'd had a looooooooong day, fell asleep on the couch and never made it out to clear all the gear out of my jeep. My fault but damn i shouldn't have to worry about that shit. it's my gear! hands off! I don't make a habit of leaving it in there but it's still wrong so stuff it!
  2. Traskian Epiphany

    secret city in CO where we can live in climb. i'm in! ok-suddenly trask doesn't seem quite so bad.
  3. Traskian Epiphany

    funny, i liked that book the first time but here long speeches made it unreadable the second.
  4. Friggin depressing

    i took my son snowshoeing on the lower portion of guye peak to see the waterfall that's on the west face right now. Stupid warm temps. grrrrrrrrrrrr.
  5. The Big Difference

    Where do i get one of these and/or can i get one of you right wing freaks to sit on my balcony at shoot the creep who keeps stealin stuff outta my jeep?
  6. Notice...

    yup it's raining at "noquality" pass. i'm going back to bed. this sucks

    nicely done. there are exceptions but nicely done.

    damn! i screwed up the quotes thing!

    Got a bottle of Abelour sitting in my cabinet at home. Yep..duty free can't be beat but i'll pay for the good stuff anyway. Unlike Jeb, i like my drink a little watered down. Scotch rocks and i'm a happy woman.

    yes you don't serve it on ice. The ice crystals that form aren't going to water down the vodka. Silly Jeb yep muffy, i knew you were agreeing just explaining myself.

    muffy, sadly, i know that to be true. i didn't go to bartending school but i did bartend for 7 yrs. Learned from some good people.

    If you shake the martini on ice it will form ice crystals. This is the purpose. Screw bruising. Colder martini = better martini. I learned this at bartending college.

    it's shaken, not stirred you fools. haven't you been paying attention
  14. Gravity Experiments

    that stuff is soooooo cool. yeah mattp i think it is the same group. (wouldn't swear to that)

    actually come to think of it tonight...screw the martini. i'm knockin back a glass of single malt.

    tanqueray & tonic
  17. 3 Top Routes?

    1) find some good rock when i go to santa fe 2) undecided route on rainier 3) whatever i have time for each week
  18. Hey DFA and other lefties

    yeah what mattp said! thanks matt, well stated. Greg W got me a little riled up. That's exactly it. I'd like to at very least have the Pres. explain his logic. Couldn't he at least humor me w/a little foreplay before he goes sending the troops into action and blowing off the big guns?
  19. Hey DFA and other lefties

    yes greg, i am absolutely and wholly uninformed. i do not read a variety of news sources from local, national and international publications. i have not taken any time to consider and research the issues before forming my opinions. yes of course since they are different than yours they wrong. of course what you believe is the only truth. i suppose the only right thing to believe is church on sunday, pres. shrub has sound economic and foreign policy, and that evolution is myth eh? bite me!
  20. Marymoor Parking Fees

    http://www.tribnet.com/news/story/2508608p-2562582c.html whoa! stunning proposal! About darn time!
  21. Hey DFA and other lefties

    trask, come back when you have cogent thought to contribute. Go play with muffy and your own spunk in the corner.
  22. Hey DFA and other lefties

    indeed, he better clean up his act but he'd be well advised not rush into iraq. he has not made his case well. His skidding fast and the public (myself included) seems to think he acts to rashly.
  23. Hey DFA and other lefties

    http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/national/105671_poll24.shtml It's not just a few left wing wackos who disagree w/the president. Greg, how should we get his attention?
  24. Hey DFA and other lefties

    yep, gotta go w/erik on this one. this is just one way to get someone to pay attention. should they just write a letter to the editor and their congressman. We all know how effective that is.