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  1. Favorite Thing you did this year

    1. shuksan on a sunny summer day (and, upon cresting hell's highway and feasting my eyes on the peaks to the south, realizing what everyone was talking about with that tinge of awe in their voices regarding the north cascades) 2. spring skiing in the gros ventre mountains in wyoming after hiking over the dirt to get up to the slushy last bit of snow we could find 3. wandering around burning man on burn night with the one with whom i first discovered this festival and who i now love the most and all sorts of improbably altered cars and human beings, lit by miles of neon light
  2. i am moving to olympia...or sequim...depending on factors beyond my control within the next 2 weeks and am psyched to get out into the hills with ALL THIS EARLY SNOW. especially after last year's pathetic display. i can do the weekend of the 26th and 27th. probably won't make it to any pub clubs but keep me posted i want to SKIIIIII!!!!!
  3. whatcha reading?

    The Good Rain by Timothy Egan. very good. previous to this Lamb, or, The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. Frickin hilarious!!!!
  4. Headwall Creek Granite

    tlg: salt deposits
  5. Weekend

    we're driving to mt. baker ski area to go up shuksan if you need a ride and want to solo something out there. you might have to ride in the back of a truck but there is a futon bed back there.
  6. what photos!!!! oh, the north cascadeslook so amazing......i never knew!
  7. Smith Rock Partner

    actually i do. when are you free?
  8. argentina and chile

    what are the snow conditions this year in south america? does anyone know?