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  1. Did my confirmation email prompt this? Thanks for sharing though - all I had were rumors from the 'hamsters.
  2. Yo, A question for those of you who have spent more time in this area than I have: It is forecasted to be about 60 degrees in Oakley, ID this weekend - will it be too cold for the City?
  3. First and foremost, talk to a doctor about this. But I did take Malaria drugs there - however it was about 10 years ago and I don't remember if the doc prescribed them for that region specifically or if they were prescribed for other areas I was visiting on the trip. I would imagine that different drugs have different side effects, but whatever it was that I took didn't really bother me at all - increased susceptibility to sunburn was the only thing I noticed.
  4. Poons are still available! They're in really good shape, have all the parts (both frontpoints, spacers, wrenches, etc.) I'm in Seattle for 2 more days. $50 bucks!
  5. I guess I see both sides to this issue. And I'd have to say that I'm in favor of having the short anchor there. If for no other reason, it gives people a place to start. For example, Japanese Gardens became overgrown, and was recently recleaned. But the guys who are sending it now will eventually move on, and it'll grow mossy again, because relative newcomers to Index won't have enough pitches like P1 short to keep them coming back. If these "lesser" options are available to "lesser" climbers, they're far more likely to eventually progress to doing the entire route. True, there are a few other decent options at Index, but not many. With the elimination of this option, the 5.10 and under crowd just lost quite a large percentage of what is available for an after work cragging session at Index(i.e. the LTW). I'd rather have routes like this available than have people get bored with doing Toxic Shock and Godzilla all the time and deciding to go to Exit 38 instead... I agree with those who say the anchors are in the middle of the pitch and don't necessarily belong there - there is no arguing with that. But I think they have created a nice option for getting people new to Index psyched on the place and keeping them coming back.
  6. Hey Cullan, Sorry, I don't even own a camera. They're used - not totally beat by any means, but not brand new and shiny either. They were used mostly for water ice so they've seen minimal beating against rock, etc.
  7. Yup, same story as with the pair of Quarks.
  8. Hey Trang, Still interested? I have tomorrow (Wed) off. -Todd
  9. CBS, I'm not sure about the Snow Creek Wall features, but sometimes xenoliths and other intrusions that form dikes, knobs, etc. are more durable and weather more slowly than the surrounding granite. I've been told that that is how a lot of the dikes and knobs on the Tahoe area granite came to be. This may or may not be the case at SCW - I'm far from an expert geologist. -Todd
  10. Wanna climb some rocks? Leavenworth might be dry...
  11. I've been through several WFR's, including WMI, and most recently with Remote Medical. Remote Medical is solid and you'll get your money's worth.
  12. Each used once or twice - you'll see, they're pretty much brand new. Nothing wrong with 'em - I just have too much gear and not enough money. $30 each or both for $50 Respond here.
  13. Since this is one of my favorite climbs, I went out last week and answered my own question. I didn't see any loose bombs anywhere - even climbed a little bit above the clippy anchors into the trees to look around and didn't see anything teetering. Just an FYI in case you were wondering as well. It's good to go as far as I could tell. But that block EXACTLY where I used to rack up/hang out would have stung a little bit - sheesh!
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