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  1. The danger of the hogsback route is other parties falling .They can take you down if you are roped up. I understand you wanting to protect your partner. It is something you will have to figure out for your self. You can go west of Crater rock and have solitude,but it is a little more steep with no steps.
  2. Left Timberline at 1:30am went up the standard route, but went west of crater rock. Topped out at 5:00am. Some breese but not bad. Had all kinds of conditions, mush,hardpack and some icefall to the west. All in all a great day, and I got home early. First trip of this year so I know what shape I am in. Carried crapoons, used ice axe and light wind gear, been there before but had a good time. No pics never really took a break.
  3. Most climbers in the NW think all climbing is between Vancouver BC and Olympia. I think one of the climbers on the 28 hr trip was 53. I only hope I can be so fit at 53. Layton has no room to talk he is a self promoter. Beating their chest or not 28 hrs for what they did is impressive!
  4. [TR] Mt Adams- SW Chutes 6/24/2005

    The SW chute is a great place to board or ski . Nice report, and nice Pics!!!!!!!
  5. Risk and Climbing

    I started racing motocross as a kid. I sucked but it was great. Found climbing later and never looked back, personally I find solo climbing more fun. I think my wife said it the best,[ you are just happy when climbing, and thats when I most want to be with you]. Psycobable or not, it is not that complicated for people who need this fix.
  6. Mt. Hood Accident?

    My condolences to family and friends. For the grace of GOD there go I.
  7. The first time I went up the north ridge I made a wrong turn like PVD. We went to Obsidian falls, nothing steep on the north ridge though. The next time we went in one day and had just poles and light boots. We hit some steep stuff on the north ridge. A mazama group ropeing up thougt we were insane on all fours with colapsed poles. It seems to vary year to year.
  8. Spray

    Lighten pal life is to short!
  9. Spray

    You gyus are funie,have too goo can noott post fre some timie. Spray was ok but leave my kids out of it. Notten I lkie more then speelen bad abd watching anal peopple reply. Eveyone please be safe! Yes my typing sucks to. I know that. TJD looser, I like it, Thanks.
  10. Spray

    You give me to much credit , I never got to the third grade.I Climbed Everest in first grade. Thats why my brain is dead.
  11. Spray

    And one more North Cascade looser! Venture out a little. Then maybe your grammer will be bad to, becouse you are climbing instead of sitting in front of a computer!
  12. Spray

    One more North cascade looser!
  13. Spray

    Come to Portland there is a lot of people who might be interested. They live in the NW part of town.
  14. Spray

    I bet you are fucking fucked up climber,who thiks his crap does not stink. Most likely a North Cascade looser.
  15. Spray

    Why do you think I am afraid? I could lay out some real crap about the cocky people on this boad!