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  1. Bus from Lucrene to Holden

    Yes, the bus will take folks w/o reservations, but only if there's room (it's a medium size school bus). We went in to the area around Holden over the July 4th weekend last year. Fortunately there were plenty of seats available so we were able to get a ride without reservations. However, we were there on a Friday which may have up-ed our chances. Bus seat reservations are made through Holden Village (no phone) www.holdenvillage.org which doesn't support spontaneity. The Holden bus schedule is based on the arrival of the ferry service. There's a link on the web site. We left Fields on the 9:30 'Lady of the Lake' to Lucerne (509.682.4584) in order to meet the bus. The ferry service may be able to tell you how many folks are departing at Lucerne. Hope it works out for you.
  2. Accessing the Bradford Washburn photo archive

    I recently had good luck ordering several of his Alaska Range photos from the Rasmuson Library at the Univ of Alaska, Alaska and Polar Regions Dept.: http://www.uaf.edu/library/apr/ They faxed me a list of photos to choose from for our area of interest. 8 x 10 - $28. Other sizes available. Not sure if they have an online list. The ones I received
  3. expedition blue barrels

    Anyone have a stateside resource for expedition blue barrels? Looking for ~50L and ~100L sizes.
  4. Found-shell jacket-Mt. Hood

    Found a shell jacket in the 'instructional' area on Hood - East side of the ski area, just above the NE parking lot. PM w/ a description.
  5. Leuthold Couloir

    Climbed Leuthold on Wednesday and found the conditions to be quite good. Firm snow in the couloir, some wind slab on the traverse from the saddle. Left the lot at 4:15 - would recommend an earlier start due to a fairly significant amount of ice fall experienced in the couloir.